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Highly recommend! "Compartment Number 6" just won the 2021 Cannes Jury Prize

"Car No. 6" is the first literary film I watched this year. I didn't expect the beginning part, which reminded me of "Happy Spring".

01 The promise of two people, one person will fulfill
Walking on such a journey through mountains and rivers, my heart must be filled with emotion. However, there is also a stranger in the narrow sleeper car, who is still drunk and makes a malicious joke at himself. So she got off the train and called her lover. As a result, I heard the sound of kissing over the phone. It turned out that she was always surrounded by people.

02 She is just a passerby beside the person she loves
At this moment, I understand why the beginning of the movie, there will be a scene of her beloved home, always full of friends, always noisy and lively. In fact, the owner of the house just regarded her as a passing guest, so when someone asks another person, who is she? Another replied that she was the owner's "tenant".

03Because it is boring, is it called art?
In fact, the beginning of the train, strictly speaking, is quite boring. The heroine may be an ordinary shape deliberately made, not only with dark circles, but also without showing a beautiful figure. And the male protagonist, the miner whom the female protagonist met in a narrow space, the whole shape and temperament also successfully reproduced the image of the Russian working people at the bottom of the society.

04 Before various identities, a woman is the best identity
Maybe the heroine is as boring as we are. When the train stopped again, she got off and ran to call the lover she thought was far away. Actually, at this point I'm thinking, why are some txl lives so open? Maybe it's because they (he) don't have the confidence to find a partner who can bravely accompany them for life, so it's better to have fun and enjoy the moment.

05 The extravagant hope for eternity will always be broken in an instant
On the way to the stop of the train, a tall and handsome guy with a literary and artistic style came up. The heroine laughed when she saw him. After hearing that they were traveling around the world with a guitar, even when the train stopped, they walked with them in the snow. Clearly, the miners were jealous.

06 After getting off the carriage, everyone will eventually belong to a different world. After throwing away the camera, everything started to look good.
The heroine finally started a dialogue with the hero, and the distance between the two quickly narrowed. Of course, in fact, after they chatted together at the grandmother's house for one night, their relationship has become much closer.

07 If you search carefully, you will definitely find the person you are looking for
However, the heroine encountered setbacks again. She finally arrived at the city she thought of, but because of the snow, no one was willing to take her to see the rock paintings. It was the painting that she and her lover had agreed to go to see together. So, she traveled thousands of miles, took the train for more than n days, met all kinds of strange people, and even the love memories of Moscow were stolen, how did she get this result? So she ran to the miner, but asked where he was, and left her phone number and hotel address. Maybe the place was really small, and the miners came to her. The miners also helped her to find people and boats willing to take them to see the rock paintings.

08 The person who met by chance, and her eternal moment
In the heavy snow, she saw the petroglyphs she dreamed of. It was something she had planned to watch with her lover.
Why do two lovers go to see something beautiful together? However, the truth is that waterfalls and petroglyphs will always exist, while love is always fleeting. I don't know if the heroine lying down in the snow with the miners has something in common with this, but when she saw the rock paintings, she was not shocked, but a kind of, ah, that's how it feels. It turned out that she was the one who complied with her agreement, and the person who accompanied her was not the one she thought she could stay with, but the one who met by chance and fleetingly on the road of life.

09 Accepting parting is an understanding of life
The part that touched me the most in the whole movie was the second time I left without saying goodbye. After the scene of two people lying on their backs on the snow, it switches to the heroine waking up in the car. The miner has already got off the car and crossed the road, and he left without saying goodbye. When the heroine looked at him through the car window, and when he looked back at the heroine, I was inexplicably sour. Maybe, because this is parting.
The person who helped her fulfill her impossible wish in the snow in the sky just passed by.

Where will she go in the rest of her life?