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“Severance” - Another Suspenseful Masterpiece Released, with Five-star High Praise

After watching the first episode, I was amazed. The sci-fi setting of the story is very advanced, the plot is colorful, and the suspenseful atmosphere is created in place, and I am attracted at first glance.

This new drama is called "Life Cutting Technique", which was translated as "Resignation" when it was first launched. The title of "Life Cutting Technique" is more accurate.

"Life Cutting", starring Adam Scott, Zach Cherry, Britt Lowell, Patricia Arquette, etc., is a new work directed by Ben Stiller. · Stiller has directed "Daydreamer", "Escape from Dannemora" and other works.

In the classic film "Daydreamer", Ben Stiller's talent was unreservedly presented, and now it has achieved a good work.

Up to now, "Life Cutting Technique" has released 3 episodes. After 3 consecutive episodes, it decisively gave a five-star praise, and another sci-fi masterpiece was born.

The biggest surprise is the story setting of "Life Cutting Technique". In this play, there is a company called Lumen, and employees working in the company have to undergo memory cutting, which is called separation in the play.

After the separation, as long as they enter the company building and get on the elevator, they will switch to "work mode", and in "work mode", each employee does not remember the experience in life. After leaving the company building, you will not remember your experience at work. This separation technique divides people into two, one personality for work and one personality for life.

Based on the setting of memory cutting, a thrilling and suspenseful story is told. The protagonist is a man named Mark, who works in the macro data inspection department of Lumen company. Because of the death of his beloved wife, life was too hard, so he chose to work at Lumen Company to relieve the pain of missing.

One day, Mark was suddenly called to the white-haired woman's office. The white-haired woman told him that his supervisor Petty had left and appointed Mark as the new supervisor. Petty was Mark's good friend at work and suddenly left to let him I felt very surprised, but asked the white-haired girl why Petty left her job, and the white-haired girl only told him that this was the scope of confidentiality.

A female colleague, Hurley, was newly hired and arranged in the macro data inspection department. On the first day of his employment, he was like a freshman. Hurley had no memory of the past.

But gradually, Hurley only wanted to leave the Lumen company. She didn't like the feeling of being trapped. Therefore, she began to try to escape, write on her hand for her outside self, and formally apply for resignation. She wanted to get out of the Lumen company. But it was all in vain, and the application for resignation was immediately rejected.

On the other side, Mark in life is contacted by a stranger, and the other party is Petty. For Mark in life, Petty is a stranger, but Petty tells him that he has been released from separation and is now being separated by Lumen. People hunt, Lumen is not what they thought.

The story of "Life Cutting Technique" has a gripping plot from the beginning, and it has a rhythm that is getting better as the episodes are broadcast one after another.

As expected of Ben Stiller, he made another suspenseful masterpiece as soon as he shot it. The new drama "Life Cutting" is worth chasing.