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Douban scored 9.2, the classic comedy "Young Sheldon 5" is back!

When it comes to classic American dramas, "The Big Bang Theory" is definitely indispensable, and its spin-off drama "Little Sheldon" has gradually become another classic in the hearts of drama fans since its inception. After a year, the much-anticipated it has returned -

"Little Sheldon" Season 5

The show has already received a lot of attention before its broadcast. After less than half a month, it got a good score of 9.2 on Douban, and the number of group discussions has reached more than 600. There are only two more episodes. Netizens said, "Five-star has been booked."

Although in "The Big Bang Theory", Sheldon once stated that his father died of a heart attack when he was 14 years old, he was also admitted to Caltech in the same year. But in the fourth season of "Little Sheldon", he was already admitted to East Texas Tech University at the age of 11. Although the plot is somewhat different from the setting in "The Big Bang Theory", the show also gave an explanation, saying that "Little Sheldon" is an exploration of a new chapter in the Cooper family's life.

So whether old George will really go offline early, whether the warm and happy family will really go to the tragic ending set in "The Big Bang Theory", all these are still uncertain, and you don't have to worry too much.

The plot of the fifth season continues the storytelling left at the end of the fourth season. Old George at the bar confided to Brenda the unpleasantness that happened today while drinking. And Brenda, who had just divorced, was very sympathetic to what happened to old George. The two of you came and I chatted in the bar late into the night, and the atmosphere gradually became ambiguous. The two went from their favorite music to chatting about their experiences on campus. Brenda then suggested that it would be better to go back to her house and continue drinking and dancing together. But at this moment, Old George's face suddenly changed, and he was holding his heart to his heart in pain. It turned out to be a heart attack. As soon as the mother, who was woken up by the phone call, heard the news that George was hospitalized, she hurriedly wanted to wake up the children and rush to the hospital together. However, when she hurriedly opened the door, she found that the children were gone.

On the other hand, the grandmother called little George, who was dating his girlfriend, and told him that his father was hospitalized and that his younger brother and sister were missing. The sweet little George had to part with his girlfriend and set off to find his younger brother and sister. Knowing that old George woke up, Brenda wanted to leave, but was left warmly and sincerely by her mother.

His father's illness broke the ice and reconciled the family that was originally in quarrels and contradictions. The twins thought they were ignorant and caused their father's heart attack, and they couldn't help feeling guilty and remorseful. Little Sheldon, who regards rules and frameworks as everything, fell into deep panic and anxiety after realizing that he might have made a mistake without being punished.

A few days later, my mother drove home my father who was discharged from the hospital. On the way, she mentioned that she wanted to talk about the quarrel that night, but Old George skipped this topic because he was guilty of almost cheating. But just when he breathed a sigh of relief, the music that he and Brenda talked about that night was played on the radio. This invisible coincidence made him fall into panic again...

In addition to the ups and downs of the plot and the succession of laughs, the reason why "Little Sheldon" can score all five seasons is because it contains many profound life philosophies.

"Anything you do requires you to bear the consequences for your actions." This is the principle that Little Sheldon adhered to in his heart, and it was this dialogue that reminded his father to keep his morals and not cross the line.

The proposal of the Ring of Gegis allows us to see the creator's discussion of "moral restraint", leading the audience to think about whether the real morality is self-discipline or hetero-discipline. When bad deeds will not be discovered and punished, what is the restraint and judgment of good and evil?

There are many more discussions of life value like this in the play. Using a comedy shell to explain a profound story, interesting and predictable is the real success of this show.

The story of "Little Sheldon" has been scheduled for the seventh season. According to the plot of the past two seasons, the direction of the story may not be exactly the same as the setting mentioned in "The Big Bang Theory". Whether the plot is BE or HE is also not a foregone conclusion. So if you're interested, let's go ahead together.