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[Popular recommendation] When a deadly virus strikes, can "Alive" stand out?

《Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City》

The door to Raccoon City of Umbrella Corporation is now open for you! Some people are still left behind in there... If you've played the original Resident Evil game, then this movie is made for you, the director is a die-hard fan, and there are times when you feel like you're in the game. Claire, played by Kaya Scodelario, did a great job.
As a game adaptation movie, this movie is very good. Just like "Blood Splatter No. 13 Police Station" set in the "Biochemical" universe, the director has created an excellent horror atmosphere with many easter eggs.

《Silent Sea》

Gong Yoo and Heo Sung-tae are on an important mission to rescue the dying earth. Watch The Silent Sea on Loklok now! The latest Netflix production of the Korean drama "Sea of ​​Silence" starring Kong Liu and Pei Doona, Kong Liu and Pei Doona, together with many other astronauts, were dispatched to the moon by the Korean Space Agency to carry out "bring back the important experimental samples left over from the Bohai base on the moon". Earth" mission. This experimental sample is related to whether the Korean Space Agency can develop a large amount of water resources for human use, and is closely related to the survival of all human beings. Can the hero and heroine return safely from the moon?



The dark secret of their student will lead them to encounter terrifying figure of a legendary ancestral creature... Click & watch now! A true story of desperation in Scott Cooper's gloomy, dilapidated industrial town
The Wendigo in the film is a metaphor for patriarchy. The teacher's father was an old beast who sexually harassed his own daughter. The teacher hated him until his father died before returning to his ancestral home. The boy's father is a domestic violence worm, and the boy even thinks that it is better than his own father to be possessed by Wendigo and become a monster who can only eat people. Both of them have a younger brother who is like a ghost to their father. In the end, the boy's younger brother was killed by the teacher before he became Wendigo, and the teacher's younger brother was also possessed by Wendigo, symbolizing that those who submit to patriarchy will eventually From accomplice to real murderer. The design of the human skin deer face is very colorful.



That infamous cult leader in 'Hellbound' Yoo Ah-in is in this movie as the last survivors in brain-eating zombies area! Stream it now! An emergency occurs in Seoul, and a mysterious virus triggers a zombie crisis. How did Liu Ah-in and Park Shin-hye get out of the zombie army? Unknown virus and unable to go out, the downstairs is in chaos, and a large number of zombies are frantically attacking humans. Park Shin-hye has been planning a survival strategy, and she will think carefully about how to live with her composure. Liu Ya-ren attempted suicide and decided to break out of the siege with the heroine. The downstairs is already in chaos, and a large number of zombies are frantically attacking humans. The number of viewers of "Alive" exceeded 200,000 on its first day of release, setting a record since South Korea's new crown epidemic warning was raised to the highest level in February. The entanglement of human nature and morality is vividly reflected in the play.