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With each episode of 9.7 points, "This Is Us" S6 is about to end

At the beginning of 2022, the biggest surprise of the American drama is the return of this masterpiece.

The last season, let's watch and cherish - "This Is Us" Season 6 (Final Season)

Since the first season started in September 2016, it has been updated for six seasons so far, and the Douban score of each season is higher than 9.4.

The sixth season has just been launched, and the current score on Douban is 9.7, which is enough to see the audience's love for this drama.

From the casting point of view, this drama does not have the blessing of traffic stars. From the plot point of view, it is a clear stream in American dramas, not bloody, nor does it have the large scale of tearing x that is almost standard in American dramas. The cast is ordinary and the plot is traditional, but even so, it can make people who have seen it fall in love with it and are willing to be convinced by it.

"This Day of Us" is like a bowl of chicken soup carefully cooked by the American TV drama industry. It is hot, warm and not sticky. It is most suitable for winter consumption. Every time I open it, I can't help feeling the beauty of the world.

The whole drama revolves around a family, interspersed with various elements such as family affection, friendship, love and self-growth. Taking the two timelines as the axis, while telling the stories of the protagonists, we can't help but immerse in them, and everyone can find their own shadow from them.

"This Is Us" was well received because every character in the play was real and touching.

For example, Kate's body anxiety and caring too much about other people's eyes are not like the "body shame" of many girls nowadays? Always chasing after what the world thinks is good-looking, demanding yourself with the standards set by strangers, and over time, you forget your original appearance and lose the happiness you should have.

Perfect as Jack has also been "dereliction of duty" in marriage.

When I first had a child, the pressure doubled, I drank heavily every day, went out early and returned late, leaving Rebecca alone to take care of the children, and even forgot the parting kiss with his wife when he went out one day. Fortunately, he came to his senses and took on the responsibilities of being a husband and father.

As well as the explanation of marriage, marriage needs to be managed. There are three couples in the play, and each of them has practiced this.

Rebecca almost gave up her job after she had children, and finally returned to work but faced the problem of balancing her career and family.
Jack noticed her concerns and took the initiative to stand up to encourage her and support her in pursuing her dreams;

Randall has always been kind and always wanted to help those around him, but his kindness was often betrayed and deceived. His wife Beth became his patron saint. After he brought William back for the first time, Beth, who could not figure out the details of his biological father, carried Randall to talk to William. After learning about it, he will take the initiative to bake him a marijuana cake to relieve his pain;

Kate is accompanied by Toby every year on her birthday, but one year Toby couldn't accompany her on a business trip, so he hired a nanny for her, had a good rest for a day, and suddenly came back to give her a surprise at the end...

In an American drama that has always been incest, intrigue, violent and bloody, this drama is just family life from beginning to end.

We see that such perfect parents are not perfect, and experience the difficulties and struggles of each character.

The Pearson family has become the epitome of thousands of families, and we encounter death, adoption, child education, love, family, intimacy, mid-life crisis... it all involves.

The reason why we love watching "This Is Us" is because there is so much beauty and so much moving in this drama.

Life is difficult, so we need such warm works to remind us that there is still something worthy of our love in the world, and it also reminds us to cherish the people in front of us all the time.