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The French said that the only highlight "Emily in Paris" S2 should be the female boss Sylvie

There have also been a lot of reviews of this drama recently. In addition to the plot of catching horses, as a fashion drama, "Emily in Paris" is the most complained about the outfits in the heroine Lily Collins' drama. High-saturation colors and various exaggerated mixes have made Emily dubbed the "walking Christmas tree".

Although the heroine Emily's styling and personality have been controversial, her French female boss Sylvie is still charming from the first season to the second season. The role of Sylvie is also the most admired female role by the French people in the entire play.

Of course, as far as the style of the second season is concerned, the popularity of Camille, Emily's best friend, is also very high. However, the editor still wants to play a Sylvie today. Because the wonderfulness of this character is not only in the outfits, but also in the fuller personality!

The main story line of "Emily in Paris" in the second season basically revolves around the dog-blooded polyamorous relationship between the protagonists. Here is only the editor's personal opinion: the plot is quite cliché, it can't be said to be ugly, but it is not very attractive. , the few highlights are basically contributed by Sylvie.

First, Sylvie's marital status was revealed this season! She and her husband are in different places but have not filed for divorce, so they are currently in an Open Relationship. And she also fell in love with her younger boyfriend this season, but due to the age difference between the two, she was asked by the waiter during dinner, "What does your son have for lunch?"

At this time, Sylvie was neither embarrassed nor angry. Instead, she replied, "My son will be having me!" and then kissed her little boyfriend. It is no exaggeration to say that when the editor saw this paragraph, he made a strange cry of "woohoo" and "wow" in front of the screen! !

France has a big environment that advocates "focusing on oneself and accepting oneself".

Sylvie presents a typical woman who will be appreciated: facing her desires calmly, self-appreciating and self-consistent. Instead of self-doubting when others sarcastically say, "You're old enough to be your boyfriend's mom," she fights back easily and tells her with her actions, "Yes, so what?"

It's really glamorous at this point!

On the other hand, the heroine Emily has a bit of a "negative textbook" meaning.

After having a relationship with her best friend's boyfriend Gabriel, she said that what she hopes most is for the two to get back together and get things back on track. But in fact, she couldn't let go of Gabriel herself, and she was still connected with him. This plot has been complained by the audience all the time.

Rationally, Emily wants her best friend Camille and Gabriel to get back together, but in fact she can't break up with Gabriel herself. This kind of behavior that can't honestly face his heart (still like Gabriel), and his words and deeds are inconsistent, compared with the highly loyal female boss Sylvie, it is a lot less attractive.

As far as outfits are concerned, Sylvie is more representative of elite women in the Parisian workplace.
The first season of Sylvie's wardrobe gave the impression that there were a lot of black dresses, and the second season still featured the little black dress.
Sylvie's actor Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu is wearing a little black dress in this still photo posted on ins. It also comes from the designer brand WEINSANTO mentioned above. This dress has an asymmetrical neckline, and the skirt is pleated, making the skirt light and detailed.

Sylvie has so many black dresses last season, but it doesn't feel "unchanged", mainly because the neckline and cut have changed a lot. Newspaper friends who especially love to wear black can also refer to this point~

Of course, her wearing black is also full of changes, and it has a lot to do with the use of accessories. This set of snake-print bracelets and silver hoop earrings enriches the details ~ the black dress has become a "background fabric" with good texture here.

Her clothes are basically waisted styles, on the one hand, it can make the whole person look more capable and professional~

Having said so much, the reason why the character of Sylvie is so popular is because she knows what she wants and has complete control over her career and life. Such women are the ones who truly master the "password of time" , A woman who can always be attractive and charming!