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Top 10 highlights of "Game of Thrones" S8, who will survive? Humans or the others?

The eighth season of the final season of "Game of Thrones" finally started. The first episode was launched and immediately attracted global attention. The Douban score rose to 9.7, so let's take a look at the top ten highlights of the eighth season of "Game of Thrones".

Aspect 1, the fight between white ghosts and humans, the confrontation between the living and the army of death, finally unfolds in the last season, this is a key battle related to the life and death of human beings, and everyone in Westeros will fall try best.
Winter is approaching, and this prophecy that has been circulating in Westeros for many years has finally become a reality. The heroic and brutal battle will be staged in the north, which is also the most important aspect of this season.

Aspect 2, Snow's life experience is finally revealed. He is the child of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark, the first in line to the Iron Throne, and the mother of dragons, Daenerys Targaryen. The ranking is higher, so whether Dragon Mother and Snow will turn against the Iron Throne in the end.

According to the prophecy of the dragon mother in the previous episode, "you are destined to experience three betrayals... once for blood, once for money, once for love...", the editor thinks that the dragon mother will be betrayed by Jon Snow, for Jon Snow He sacrificed his heart and blood to create the sword of the "Bringer of Light", and Snow killed the White Walkers with the sword and brought peace to Westeros.
In the end, Snow became the master of the Iron Throne and the king of King's Landing.

Aspect 3, Arya, who has become a top assassin, this person with a thousand faces, who will she choose to take revenge? In the seventh season, she calmly cut Littlefinger's throat. Who will she kill in this season?

Aspect 4, who will kill Cersei? The prophecy says, "One day in the future, when you are drowned in tears, VALONQAR will strangle your pale neck and take your life." Then the brother who killed her was James or the little devil.

Cersei always hated the little devil because she thought the little devil would kill her, but as the story progressed, the audience felt more and more likely that Jaime would kill her.

Look at point five, Euron's final ending, he must die, but in what way, will he know that Cersei's child is not his? Could he eventually return to the Iron Islands?
When Cersei came to the end of the mountain, did he give Cersei the hardest blow.

Watch point six, in the eighth season of "Game of Thrones", who will die first, is Cersei, the mother of dragons, or Arya, or James, or Theon, or the most unlikely little devil And Sansa will die? The biggest fun of this drama may be guessing who will receive the lunch first.

Watch point seven, who will survive in the end? It's an honor to live to the final season in a plot drama where the writers take pleasure in killing people.
And the editor believes that Snow will be the one who finally survives, holding the "bringer of light", killing the White Walkers and re-establishing order for Westeros. And Sansa will become King of the North, heir to House Stark.

Point 8, how many of the three dragons will survive in the end? The editor believes that in the final season, these three dragons will die in battle, and Westeros will bid farewell to the age of magic and truly enter the feudal age. Eight seasons of Game of Thrones, watching these three dragons grow from eggs to behemoths, and the thought of finally having to say goodbye to them, was heart-wrenching.

Aspect Nine, any of the Stark children survived?
Snow must be alive, Sansa must be alive, and Bran, who became the Three-Eyed Raven, should be alive too.
Then Arya will most likely die by assassinating the Night King. In the decisive battle with the White Walkers, she held the Dragon Crystal as a weapon, intending to assassinate the Night King, but was killed by the Night King, this will most likely be her way of death .

Aspect ten, what secrets does the city hide, and what role will it play in the final war between humans and the White Walkers?
I always feel that there are a bunch of old schoolboys like the Academy, and there should be an ultimate way to defeat the White Walkers. After there is no way to destroy the White Walkers by manpower, maybe this group of old schoolboys can provide a way.