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"Modern Love" S2 makes people unconsciously burst into tears

Two years ago, a love drama caused quite a stir in the film and television industry.

The reason why "shock" is used is that its appearance has broken our concept of romantic dramas, or it is also a kind of prejudice!

In this drama, it tells a love story in the form of one episode and one unit. From the perspective of ordinary people, it does not pursue profoundness, but focuses more on the emotional feelings of the moment. All it has to do is get close!

So under the comment area of ​​this drama, you will see a lot of words "warm and relaxed, romantic love". And this year, this high-scoring drama ushered in its sequel!

"Modern Love Season 2"

The story is adapted from the column of the same name in The New York Times. Because it is a real story, it also highlights the gist of the show.

"Explore the complex emotional life of contemporary people, and the pain and joy of love."

There are eight separate stories in the second season, each with its own style. Here, Xiaopai will share with you two stories that moved me the most.

Doctor Curran, usually drives a cool-looking classic car to and from get off work. Although classic cars are cool, they are "old" after all, and it is common for them to break down on the road. But for selling cars, Curran never thought about it. But why does Curran have an extraordinary obsession with this classic car? Because this is the car of her ex-husband Michael who died many years ago! This car was bought by Michael when he saved money. It has experienced the passionate years of their newlyweds and love, and also witnessed the warmth and busyness of being parents for the first time.

Later, Michael passed away due to illness, and this car carried the eldest daughter and all her thoughts for her ex-husband. Today, Curran has remarried and has a current husband and a young daughter. Once you have true love, you can come out and live anew after going through the pain. This is good! Of course, this is from Curran's point of view. From her current husband Neil's point of view, the situation at this time is not bad. For those experiencing bereavement, some recover quickly. For others, they can't let go for the rest of their lives. This is love and sadness, and there are no rules. "

Perhaps in our cognition, love is absolute possession, and love is two hearts sticking together without reservation. But this story gives us another way of thinking, maybe love can be another way, that is, daring to accept that we are not the whole of the other person's life. Love may not be the only one, but love must be respect and understanding. This may be the most mature form of love! There is no oath of landslides, no declarations of rotten seas and rocks, and some are to give the greatest degree of tolerance and understanding after experiencing the vicissitudes of life!

If the previous paragraph shows the mature appearance of love, then this paragraph highlights the greenness of love, and this greenness is also a normal state of young people today!

The story focuses on an adventure in the era of the epidemic. On a train to Dublin, the girl was notified to drive home from school. Afraid of society, she looked left and right at the crowd around her. The surface is calm, but the heart is very disturbed. But until a man appeared, just looking at each other, she calmed down. From work to life, from interests to hobbies, the two talk almost everything. But the good times were short, and before I could react, the train came to the end.

When the two returned home, their hearts were filled with anxiety! Tossing and turning at night, all thinking about what they said when they met that day, the boy wrote his love words to the girl in the memo. The girl recorded the voice and listened to him when she was about to meet. They are all waiting for that day, when luck can make people, the epidemic continues to spread, and the whole city continues to be blocked. Neither of them made it to the station in the end...and the romantic encounter ended up being over.

According to the description of the person in the article, they really didn't see each other again later... This is the fascinating part of love, and the ending of the story is full of unknowns. Under the arrangement of fate, you can't be sure which one is the one who will accompany you to the end.
Life is like the first time, everything is difficult to complete, perhaps this is the best explanation for this relationship.

A paragraph of plain but full of warmth love stories, each one is not profound but full of powerful love philosophy. They are poking us straight.

Such a drama, eight episodes in one breath, warm and comfortable! This "Modern Love" is worth your chase!