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"Titane": How to embrace one's own essence?

Director Julia Dickno is too understanding. She knew exactly what the audience who came for the beauty of the car on the poster wanted to see, so she prepared a long shot of the beauty on the car, so that the audience could immediately enter the In order to be activated, she even arranged a picture of the girls taking a bath after that, and when the audience was concentrating, she unexpectedly stabbed the audience's attention.

In many places, the film can make the audience feel the director's obvious dissatisfaction and criticism of society, especially men. Whether it's the men who don't have brains in their heads, or even the men who are openly joking on the bus, or the seemingly intimate, but actually aggressive and pushy people in the fire brigade. We were constantly in weird positions throughout the movie, and even though Alicia did a lot of creepy things, there were times when we really wished she had killed the nasty men.

Of course, the director did not let Alicia become another machine that purely satisfies the audience's desire for violence, but let us see her fragility, her pain, and the fact that she, as a woman, must disguise herself as a man to survive among men. fact. Although the disguise is necessary to avoid being wanted, such a sense of criticism is particularly obvious. For example, when she fought with her "new dad" and was about to kill each other, the old man who was a strong and healthy fire captain mistakenly thought that Alicia was playing with him, because Alicia's strength was compared to him. Since he was too young, as he looked at the "weapon" that Alicia was holding, that is, Alicia's bun, he did not regard it as a murder weapon, and joked that his son was also interested in weaving. .

However, the old man who seems to be so invincible also has his own trauma - as mentioned above, the missing son. He forbids his own firefighters, who are like his sons, to talk about his son, and he treats everyone with absolute authority, leaving only tenderness for this returning son. Whether it was Alicia wearing women's clothes and being caught by him in the closet, he took out the photos of his son wearing women's clothes when he was a child to confirm that the other party was indeed his son's behavior, or later found out that the man who should be his son had breasts and nothing. Without asking, he wrapped Alicia's chest with a bath towel. The iron man who was addicted to family affection showed a tenderness that was different from ordinary people. He almost used a rude but warm way to soothe the wounds in front of the audience, even his His ex-wife was more awake than him without being carried away.

"No matter who you are, you will always be my son."

This almost makes people forget the bloody violence and curious scenes before the movie, but it makes people doubt what he saw before, like when he taught Alicia to perform CPR for an old woman, humming to beat the beat The song, and the smile he showed when Alicia successfully rescued the old woman, as well as the hug afterward, almost all shattered the incomprehensible and inaccessible hearts before, so when Alicia was about to leave, she turned back. When we came back and went into the bathroom to accompany the fainting old man, we didn't find this episode strange in the slightest. Because there are too many rotten and stupid men in this world, this man who is also stupid but not so rotten is acceptable in comparison.

The most impressive part of the film is not a human-machine-hunting scene, but the part where Alicia Ru dances at the auto show at the beginning, but at this time, the man under the stage is not excited about it, but is In a state of complete disappointment, although the dance is the same, but because Alicia's makeup has changed, these men are no longer excited and only nauseated. However, Alicia didn't care about the arrival of these people or even her "new dad", she just danced involuntarily, and even continued provocatively.

On the surface, the heroine oozes black oil, but in fact, we will find that it is as thick as human blood, and this is what drives the kinetic energy of this film, the loneliness that people are born to long for their own desires to be recognized, the director Julia Dickno's film is actually an educational allegory that is cold on the outside and hot on the inside, not a full-on novelty. Like the grand soundtrack that fills the film with a grand and chorus sound, this is a new century Bible story written in human blood. It is not about the Father and the Son, but the Mother and the Son. As for God, it is The machine is replaced, as a languageless but dynamic force, a metaphor for the alien substance in human nature that cannot be accepted by society.