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[Top Episodes] Too many kiss scenes, "Be My Boyfriend"a cute boy and a school flower start a contract of love!

Gentle girl, upstart, funny, love

《Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha》

Thoreau pursued the art of expansiveness and life. His aesthetics of life is to return to nature, return to nature, minimize demands, perceive the most essential true face of life, live soberly, and discover the truth. The life aesthetics of Squad Leader Hong probably also comes from this. This group of characters is too real. The real life will definitely be exhausted by busy living, there will be unspeakable past events, unforgettable grief, and broken hearts. But these are not enough to stop them from pursuing a happy life.

love, ambiguous, male god, forbidden film


A love story between a woman who no longer believes in love and still wants to fall in love and a man who thinks love is tricky but wants to be ambiguous. The combination of starring Song Jiang and Han Shaoxi is perfect. Because of their high similarity with the original characters, everyone has a physical reference to Park Jae-yeon and Liu Nabi in the comics. They have super high looks, whether it is a picture of love or a picture of contradictions, they are very eye-catching. The content of the episode is 19 banned, and the content is "beyond imagination"!

lembut, pemula, cinta, lucu

《Dal Ri and Gamjatang》

Jin Dali, a young woman in literature and art, was born in a famous family, gentle but lovely. Chen Wuxue, the son of a nouveau riche, is a rich but "ignorant, ignorant, and unlearned" man. The only thing he cares about is food besides money. The female protagonist is from a noble family, but she respects the nouveau riche male protagonist. She helped the male protagonist several times to save the siege, and there is no such thing as a high-level look down on others in ordinary Korean dramas. Although the male protagonist doesn't have much knowledge and sometimes speaks amazingly, it won't make people feel annoying. Funny love light comedy, the male protagonist has more embarrassing moments in the play!

School flower, milk dog, love at a young age, domineering, campus

《Be My Boyfriend》

The male protagonist is a stupid and cute boy with a little milk dog temperament. The little eyes are super cute. The female protagonist has a good nose and is very cute when the filter is fully turned on. Come on, that color is so simple! Even the second male, Lin Shangjun, is so handsome that he looks like An Xiaoxie! Outrageous yes! Even a love triangle can't satisfy the director's and screenwriter's preferences, this is a four-cornered love! ! Come and see the school flower domineering confession to milk dog brother!