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【Top Episodes】Sadomasochism strikes, "Crash Landing on You" Lee Jung-hyeok starts the no-offline wife-loving mode!

Optimism, God's Operation, Love, Counterattack

《Hello, Me! 》

With outstanding appearance, cheerful personality, good singing and dancing, and popular popularity, all the above characteristics are combined. The winner of life in people's eyes should be like this. The 17-year-old girl Pan Heni is obviously the so-called winner of life. She probably couldn't imagine that 20 years later, fate seemed to play a big joke on her. 37-year-old Pan Heni became a person with no money, no career, and no love. Destiny then played a bigger joke. 17-year-old Xiao Pan came to the world of 37-year-old Da Pan, and Da Pan's stagnant life caused huge waves.

vampire, love at first sight, kissing, campus

《The Sweet Blood》

When 21st century vampires evolve, they can be made into wine with a small amount of blood. The vampire heroine who hides her identity came to study on campus. The hero fell in love with her at first sight, but she didn't expect her lust to come true. She kissed twice in the first episode. The pace was too fast! The male protagonist's blood tastes sweet and attracts other vampires. It seems that the female protagonist Gao Leng is about to start the road of domineering and protecting her husband!

army, military love, wife protection, war

《 Crash Landing on You》

The two stood in front of the camera and smiled at the crescent eyes with long dimples. In the play, they really tried their best to make pink bubbles. Hyun Bin's temperament is really similar to that of Son Ye Jin, a man as comfortable as air. The piano score and admission letter, his Bing and Auntie fan group would never find out if they came to his house a hundred times, and would not be sensitive to know which character and past of Lee Jung Hyuk they represent. When he was about to leave, he gave others certificates of merit and specific benefits, but left Lee Jung-hyeok with a tomato seedling, which meant the hope of being able to string all the good things in his heart. This sense of speciality and uniqueness may be the soil from which all feelings germinate.

Super power, self-help, counterattack, sadomasochism

《He Is Psychometric》

The man who was used by the begging organization as a money-making tool since he was a child is a person who has no name and no identity and walks in the dark. He met a girl named Jiang Eunzhu, and the girl gave the unnamed him the name Genze, and he asked when they parted. The girl's name, and then put the girl's surname in front of his new name. Then the tragedy began. The man fell in love with the girl, and built a cage under an abandoned steel mill to imprison the girl. The girl who had a bright smile gradually became panic-stricken during the years of imprisonment and devastation.