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[Top Episodes] Love Guide, "Anxious Romance" Cinderella and Prince Charming are kissing non-stop!

Office romance, journalist, independent woman

《Forecasting Love and Weather》

People from the Meteorological Agency have a cruel history of love in the company, a tragic office romance! I like to watch some stories of professional perfectionist female protagonists growing up in the workplace. Although there will be help from the male protagonist, other subordinates and bosses in the middle, it is generally a process of independent self-confidence and self-confidence. The second woman happens to be a reporter, and the second man is the spokesperson of the Meteorological Agency. This is the first Korean drama with the theme of the Meteorological Agency, and it is also sponsored by the Korea Meteorological Agency. It may also become a hidden bridge between government departments and the public.

Manifestation, tragedy, cooling off period, breakup

《Yumi's Cells》

Come and learn the love experience! This drama is a comic adaptation, relaxed and realistic, depicting the difference in thinking between men and women when they are in love. Love is a joyous drama at the beginning, and the final ending will turn into a sad drama no matter what. In the last two cooling-off period, no one spoke first, like two opposites, one waiting and one guessing, slowly getting used to it. After Rou Mei traveled through the world of two people from one person's world, she suddenly couldn't get used to it when she returned to one person's life again. I don't know if the two can get back together.

Awakening, sickness, persistence, self-confidence, unrequited love

《Extraordinary You》

"A Day of Accidental Discovery" begins by breaking the stereotype. Yin Duanwu, a non-main supporting role, awakened her, and her unfortunate life experience gave her full motivation to awaken. A high school girl who has been unrequitedly in love with white classics for ten years and suffers from heart disease, wants to change her destiny. She kept stacking stones on the beach at sunset while praying that she could prolong her life. After no results, she suddenly shed tears. This scene earned enough tears from the audience.

Kissing, domineering, hilarious, sex scenes

《My Secret Romance》

Cinderella and Prince Charming are finally together! Domineering President Little White Rabbit, the girl's heart is bursting! When the love between Cha Zhenxu and Li Yumi finally arrived, they took the bra as a token and laughed awkwardly! The first episode even has a car shock, Korean dramas still need some smudges, awesome! One kiss in one episode is so sweet!