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Heartwarming office romance!Latest K-Drama "A Business Proposal"

1.Twenty-Five Twenty-One

Tae-ri Kim Joo-hyuk Nam romantic CP sweet high value

Handsome actor Nam Joo-hyuk from 'Start-up' is paired with Kim Tae-ri, a story of teenage romance during Korea's economic crisis!
The male protagonist is twenty-five and the female protagonist is twenty-one. It tells a youthful love story between two young boys and girls. The story begins with the daughter accidentally opening her mother's diary. At that time, the heroine loved fencing, but the IMF incident forced the fencing club of the heroine's school to be disbanded, and the passion for many years may come to an end. And the male protagonist is also at a low point in his life. The same black swan incident made a rich second generation lose his dreams, money, and even relatives. The newspaper delivery accidentally learned of the female protagonist's similar predicament, the second encounter in the bookstore, and the nightclub again, laying the foundation for fate. The love process between two people is very reasonable. In recent years, there are rare love dramas that can explain the path of mutual attraction, and the process of production is not suspended.
2.Rookie Cops
Daniel Kang Soo-bin Chae romantic CP sweet high value
Kang Daniel and Chae Soo Bin's romance at the police academy is definitely not to be missed!
This drama is Disney+'s first original Korean drama, which tells the passionate youth romance of police college freshmen. This new drama not only has a lovely style of light and lively and bright colors, but also has fresh young faces gathered in one place, with a strong sense of youthful atmosphere, very Disney fairy tale style, very suitable for the early spring season. In particular, the director makes good use of colors to shape characters, and adds the most popular element among young people today - MBTI, to design exclusive colors for characters with different personalities, and use them in details to become a unique highlight.
3.Forecasting Love and Weather
Min-young Kang Song Park romantic CP sweet high value
How crazy will Lee Shi-woo (Song Kang) change the weather of Jin Ha-kyung's (Park Min-young) heart?
The story is set in the Meteorological Agency. The fresh meat guy from the countryside meets the smart and critical heroine. The two have different growth backgrounds and attitudes. The conflict gradually generates emotions, and sparks a spark of love in the small office. , the two develop a secret love that cannot be made public but can only make eye contact! The new theme in the background of the Meteorological Agency allows the audience in front of the screen to pay attention to the development and changes of this industry.
4.A Business Proposal
Hyo-seop Ahn Se-Jeong Kim romantic CP sweet high value
Girl goes on an unexpected blind date with her own boss? Romantic love between boss and humble employee begins!
Adapted from KAKAO WEBTOON's popular manga, it tells the story of the heroine who went on a blind date in place of her friend because of lack of money. In order to help her friend have a blind date, she originally planned to make a bad impression on the other party, but she didn't realize that the blind date was the boss of her own company when she arrived at the scene. . In order to avoid extracurricular problems, the heroine decided to make a quick decision, and deliberately pretended to be a slutty image to scare off the boss. Unexpectedly, the boss saw through her tricks and directly agreed to go to the hotel with her! A tense, exciting romantic comedy begins!