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[Top Episodes] "The King is in Love" has a Lin Yuner who turns his face faster than a book!

costume, love, fantasy

《Shine or Go Crazy》

Wang Zhao, the prince of the early Goryeo Dynasty, was labeled as "cursed" and forged a "one-night marriage" with Princess Balhae. As a reformed monarch in the early Goryeo Dynasty, he boldly implemented many practical policies in order to stabilize the society. However, in the later period of his administration, he implemented the "politics of blood" in order to strengthen the king's power, to eliminate the nobles of the heroic forces and sweep away the political enemies, and was appraised as the "crazy king"!

Costumes, History, Drama, Romance

《The King in Love》

After seven years abroad, what happened to Shanmei when she was a child? Seven years later, I finally returned to this place I missed day and night but couldn't move forward. Reunited with the maid who grew up in love with each other, Feiyan who saved her life, worshipped her mother's tablet, and the father who can only be called "adult". Shaner kept her name incognito, just to protect the lives of her family. Tranquility was broken one day seven years later, and the fate of the entanglement has arrived.

Drama, Romance

《Shadow Beauty》

In real life, because of her poor appearance, she is inferior to her appearance, and has no sense of existence. The heroine Ku Aizhen, who was bullied on campus, turned into an Internet celebrity girl "Genie" in the virtual world of the Internet. , with 770,000 followers. But the lie will eventually be exposed one day, and the double life of Goo Ae-jin, an ugly girl and a beautiful girl, is finally discovered!

comedy, school, drama

《drinking solo》

A pseudo-romantic drama about eating food alone at every turn. The name is "I don't want to listen to the things I have to hear because of the dinner, force a smile or make a fool of myself", so I choose to drink alone. The heroine Park Ha Na came to Noryangjin Examination Academy to support her family and started a magical story between the lecturer and the students!