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Policewoman VS Perverted Murderer! High-scoring suspense K-Drama"Inspector Koo"


Mystery Crime Thriller Violent Gore

Park Hae-Soo from Squid Game is now a chief detective in Jungsanseo solving murder of the crime 'Chimera', ruthless serial killer that won't be easy to catch.

The heroine is a "high-achieving student" who was adopted to the United States since she was a child. She entered the FBI, is an expert on blasting theory, and is also a writer of crime non-fiction literature. Because she has always been a goddess, her "defective" cognition of "people" led to "mistakes" in her work and returned to South Korea to find her roots. The show was unexpectedly wonderful, it was incredible. The relationship between the characters is complicated, but it makes sense after careful scrutiny, and everyone has a background story intertwined with each other. Chimera's identity was revealed at the end, and it was really unexpected. In addition to lamenting the constant innovation of Korean drama themes and the solid script, we must also admire the actors' excellent acting skills and line skills, especially the shaping of the villain!


Gianna Jun Mystery, Crime, Thriller, Violent, Gore

The mystery of all hikers that are trapped in Mount Jiri and the rangers who will rescue them will bring you different kind of chills!

The drama is based on the famous Jirisan Mountain in South Korea, allowing the audience to know the profession of "forest guard". The layout of the whole play is still very big, and the scenery shot in the real scene in the play is also very beautiful. The story tells the story of a forest guard who finds that he can see the ghosts who died in the mountain disaster. Join hands with senior Xu Yijiang to unravel these unknown stories.

3.Army of Thieves

Mystery, Crime, Funny, Violent, Gore

A mysterious woman recruits bank teller Ludwig Dieter to lead a group of aspiring thieves on a top-secret heist during the early stages of the zombie apocalypse.

The plot tells the story of a banker from a small town who is recruited by a mysterious woman to join a robbery team. The members are all criminals wanted by Interpol. Their goal is to break through the safest legendary safes all over Europe and let the people who used to live an ordinary life. Bankers embark on the thrilling adventure of a lifetime. The play skillfully combines the two types of robbery and comedy with an atmosphere that wanders back and forth on the edge of spoof and nonsense and seriousness, and achieves a good balance between story content and commercial entertainment.

4.Inspector Koo

Yeong-ae Lee Mystery Crime Thriller Violent Gore Serial Killer

A never-before-seen inspector Koo Kyung-Yi ready to serve justice in exceptional ways that only she can understand.

This is a Korean drama that combines reasoning, funny, good looks, and high acting skills. The heroine, played by Lee Young-ae, was originally a police officer, but turned to an insurance investigator after turning 40, and began to live a sloppy life every day. For her, the most important things in life are playing games and drinking, but although the days are decadent, her detective ability is super strong! In order to pursue a suspicious case that looks like an accidental death, in fact, a serial murderer hides in the crowd disguised as a lively college student.