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[Top Episodes] Adapted from a real terrorist attack, "Hotel Mumbai" suffocated for 120 minutes!

Drama / Action / Sci-Fi / Adventure

《X-Men: Days of Future Past》

"X-Men: Days of Future Past" is regarded as an important work connecting the main story and the prequel. When you see the end, I believe everyone will suddenly realize that the joy of the resurrection of the whole screen is tantamount to the classic lines in the movie: X -Men, why don't we start over again. This ending makes the movie look like a big dream in spring and autumn. Because of the existence of "designer" Ellen Page, this movie has a strong sense of inception from beginning to end.Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) go back in time and rally the X-Men of the past to save the mutants from extinction. Click to watch>>


Drama / Action / Science Fiction

《Gemini Man》

"Gemini Man" does not go beyond the conventions of action films. It opens with an action: professional killer Henry Brogan sets up his sniper rifle and looks through the scope of the target - the train aboard a "bioterrorist", in this series of In the shot, as we saw in the trailer, an extreme fisheye lens distorts, deforms the whizzing train, it seems to "turn" in some way, and the "prey" in the train does change state - from life to death.

Action / Sci-Fi / Horror

《 World War Z 》

On a quiet morning without warning in Philadelphia, a series of explosions suddenly erupted, biting other people's zombies, and the bustling metropolis fell in an instant. The male protagonist escaped with his wife and daughter to the aircraft carrier where the Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations is located, and then learned that several heads of powers, including the President of the United States, had died. In order to prevent the destruction of the world, Gerry was ordered to go to the source of the virus to find A way out of the crisis.This high-rating zombie apocalypse movie is sure to not be missed out! Click here to watch!


Drama / Thriller / History

《Hotel Mumbai 》

Ten young people carrying weapons and ammunition took a rubber boat to Mumbai, the financial center of India, to launch a long-planned terrorist operation. They carried backpacks and took five taxis to the bustling area. Start from the train station to start a big move to take revenge, the danger is approaching, and the city is business as usual without warning.The most elegant hotel in Mumbai is attacked by cold-blodded terrorist while guests are still inside! Will they be able to get out? Watch now!