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[Top Episodes] The scale is amazing, "The Goldfish Wife" staged a forbidden love across races!

Drama / Romance

《Fishbowl Wives》

Hiraga Sakura's disappointment in life gradually resonated with the "goldfish" in a fish tank. One day, the "goldfish" guided her and made her meet a man. When this man accepted her true side, Sakura couldn't hold back her deep feelings and crossed the line. They just met by chance, or was everything destined?A story of six wives and their sexual affairs based on a popular manga! Is this love, betrayal, or fate? Find out now!

Drama / Romance

《My Rainy Days》

The girl Liyang Ozawa experienced an unprecedented change in her life. After that, she resigned herself to degeneration. In an accident, Liyang met the university teacher Ozawa Guanghui, who had the same surname as herself. She was attracted by the radiant light from her heart, and gradually fell in love with this big boy. However, Guanghui was never able to devote himself to the relationship wholeheartedly, because he had little time left in the world...Rio Ozawa falls in love with his lecturer who doesn't live long. Watch the twists and turns of their love in 'My Rainy Days'!

sci-fi, drama, romance

《AI Love You》

A malfunctioning AI robot is facing the fate of being eliminated, but because of falling in love with a woman, he hides in the flesh and blood of a man, and uses every means to win his heart.Who doesn't remember 'Crazy Little Thing Called Love'? These couple goals are back in sci-fi era where there's glitch and AI start to have feelings!

《My Brilliant Friend3 》

 Set in the 1970s, the world is full of hope, oppression, and unimaginable challenges. The two women have always been paradoxically closely linked as they navigate the opportunities presented by social change. Lila leaves her husband and comforts to work in a tough factory; Elena leaves the city to publish a successful novel, which takes her into a world of opulence and elegance. In different ways, they challenge the boundaries of suffering in life.Creatures begin to appear as the teenage girl is split into two vampires. Will the world accept their existence? Watch Vampire Diaries now!