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[Top Episodes] Extremely extravagant! 'King of Fraud' Crazy Liar Gets Free

Documentary / Crime
《The Tinder Swindler》

When Cecily brushes up on a handsome and romantic billionaire, she can't believe that the real person meets her ideal after actually meeting. But everything was a dream after all, and when she found out that this international businessman was full of lies, it was too late. He cheated her of everything. As the fairy tale ends, a revenge drama begins

Drama / Romance

《Bossam–Stealing Fate》

The subsistence-type kidnapper mistakenly tied a country's wealthy master due to a mistake, and then unfolded a magnificent life reversal. The female protagonist is not stupid and sweet. The wealthy protagonist became a poor overnight. After being sad, she can still put aside her face and strive for self-improvement, and can maintain her kind nature and think of others. It is indeed worthy of being loved by someone like the male protagonist!

Drama / Thriller / Crime

《Fresh 》

Michael is a 12-year-old drug dealer whose father has become a street bum, and Fresh is fairly quiet in a crazy world. Fresh's sister and father are both drug addicts, and as the story progresses, Fresh realizes that he doesn't want to sell drugs anymore, he wants revenge.Dating someone = falling into the darkest secret he/she has! The most talked movie this year, watch it now!

Drama / Romance / Thriller / Erotica
《Bitter Moon》
Nigel and his wife, Fio, decide to take a cruise to India to try and change a bad relationship. On the boat, he meets the paralyzed writer Oscar and his wife, Oscar seems to want to tell the stranger Nigel about his unusual relationship with Mimi..."I think I'm in love with you" "It's just fantasy, love is just a byproduct of sex games" "It's just a game?" "Isn't it?" "I'm really in love with you" "It's something you'll never get my reason"