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Forbidden love across the age gap! Large-scale Japanese drama "Sex Slave For Revenge"

1.Young lady and getleman

Family Love Life Forbidden Love Young lady and getleman

Never had enough of Korean Drama? Watch this latest hits of widower fall in love with his 3 kids tutor. Family, comedy, romance, all-in-one for you!

This drama tells the story of the heroine Park Dandan, who has lived in a single-parent family since she was a child. She, who originally had the love of her father, was also deprived by her stepmother and his son, and eventually became a child who was unloved. In such a growing environment, her desire to leave home was deeply ingrained, and she stayed away from her family when she became an adult. Later, the appearance of the male protagonist Li Yingying brought the tenderness that Park Dandan lacked. He was originally a tutor in his home. Because he got along well with his children, the two had a common topic. Li Yingying was divorced, but this did not affect the emotional development of the two, but had the resonance of life, and finally the two came together and started a sweet life.

2.Love Life Season

Family Love Life Forbidden Love Love Life Season

This mid-life crisis story can be what you are experiencing right now! Watch Marcus who just got divorced finding his true one in the society he lives in.

The girl Dabi has lived in a broken family since she was a child. After her parents divorced, they formed a new family. In Dabi's sense, she walked between the two families with luggage all day long, neither of them was herself. 's home. As a child, Dabby was never in a stable and intimate relationship, so she didn't know how to connect properly with others. The first episode of "Love Life" started in 2012. The name of Dabi's first boyfriend was used as the title of the play, and each episode was changed to a hero's name. By analogy, Dabi should have experienced 10 relationships before she could Welcome to the real one.

3.Superman & Lois

Family Love Life DC Superman

Clark Kent have to choose to be superman or father of his family.

This drama tells the story of Superman, after starting a family with his girlfriend Louise, while he was busy saving the world day and night, he also encountered a series of layoffs, the death of his adoptive mother, and the alienation of his teenage son, which made Superman feel bald. midlife crisis. This film mainly focuses on the family, allowing the audience to see Dachao who is busy saving the world while taking care of the two rebellious boys at home. The vision can be said to be very unique.

4.Sex Slave For Revenge

Family Love Life Forbidden Love Sex Slave Revenge

A woman trains her ex-best friend's son to be her sex slave for 20 years because her best friend stole her first love.

The heroine literary editor, from a wealthy family, was robbed of her first love by her best friend Lily. In order to retaliate, she spent twenty years training Lily's son to be her ideal lover. The elegance and charm that she exudes from the inside out is still the highlight of the show, the appearance of the goddess as she ages gracefully. What surprises me is that behind the elegance, the occasional expression in the eyes makes you feel the shackles of a woman who has been avenging for 20 years and shudders. The male protagonist is very handsome and his acting skills are also very good. This drama does not tell the happy revenge of the male or female protagonist in the same way as ordinary TV dramas, but uses a continuous narration method, which is quite cinematic.