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Marvel Creates A New Universe!The First Chinese Superhero movie "Shang-Chi"

1.Blade Runner: Black Lotus

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A young woman named Elle wakes up knowing nothing and have deadly fighting skills.

As an entertaining stand-alone prequel, the series lays a solid foundation for what's to come in "Blade Runner 2049," fully worthy of a new installment in the series. It largely restores the world of Blade Runner, lightsaber umbrellas, replicator detectors, street food bars, giant mountain-like companies, etc. The classic elements in the original work are not absent, and even the background of the 2022 blackout story The reproduction of the worldview of Blade Runner is deeply rooted in the original work. Black Lotus also wrote a story about the awakening and revenge of the replicants under such a world view, and connected with the original story and told the source of Wallace's blindness. BGM also incorporates a unique style based on the cyberpunk style. The scene is full of points in the production, which very restores the original urban landscape, interior decoration of the house, etc. The combat performance is eight points, and the agile and agile combat style of the clone is very good.


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Shang-Chi must confront the past of the mysterious Ten Rings organization.

This is the world's first superhero film with a Chinese as the protagonist. This film is full of Chinese elements, and most of the characters' dialogues are in Chinese. It mainly tells the story of the male protagonist Shangqi's father, Wenwu, who got a baby named Shihuan and started to fight around. But he, who had already washed his hands, put on the ten rings again because of the tragic death of his wife, and decided to hit his wife's hometown Tarot Village. Paranoid, he thought that Tarot Village had imprisoned his wife's soul. Shang Qi went to the village to protect his mother with his sister Xia Ling and his best friend Katie, and finally successfully stopped his father and resealed the evil beast released by his father.


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Marvel comic superhero Hawkeye meet her sidekick Kate M. Bishop and new adventure of archery begins!

As a member of the Avengers veteran six, Hawkeye is the only character who doesn't have his own independent work. At the end of 2021, Marvel finally released the series "Hawkeye", which made Marvel fans very excited. It mainly tells the story of eagle-eyed Clint Barton, who acts with young archer Kate Bishop against his enemies while operating as "Ronin" - the tracksuit gang. Some people say that "Hawkeye" is a bridge drama of Marvel. In this play, a generation of Hawkeye Clint will pass his name to Kate to complete the alternation of the old and new generations of Hawkeye, and at the same time for the comics. Wei Universe's follow-up story foreshadows.

4.Red Notice

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Dwayne Jhonson has to catch two most wanted criminals Ryan Renolds and Gal Gadot, this one you sure cannot miss!

The film tells the story of the FBI's top crime profiler, John Hartley, who is investigating the case when Interpol's red notice is released. Investigating a daring heist, John gets caught in the middle and is forced to team up with Nolan Booth, the world's number one art thief, to catch "The Bishop", the world's most wanted art thief. The thrilling adventure will take the trio around the world as they cross a dance floor, get trapped in a hidden prison, enter the jungle and, worst of all, develop an ever-increasing bond with each other.