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HBO's Hit Drama "Battle of Succession", A Drama Series That Includes Power, Finance And Business Warfare

1.Narcos: Mexico Season 3

Action, Adventure Narcos: Mexico

Chaos brings opportunity. Who will be be the king of drug cartel?

Reality and drama are always so ironic. Except for the protagonist in the play, they are all bad guys. Every character is too vivid and makes people unable to let go for a long time. The most exciting thing is not only to restore the history in a high degree, but also to tell you that this is good in a black and white way. Whether it is bad or not, through the history of the fortunes of drug lords of various generations, the drug lord series is really well shot, and the rhythm is fast, which is quite attractive. Because the series has so many clues, it takes the form of multiple parallel lines in the third season. In order to reduce the difficulty of viewing, the connection between the scenes uses montages with obvious meanings, and the key plots and the psychological changes of the characters often fall into the stereotypes.

2.Succession Season 3

Business Warfare Power Family HBO

Family means business, ruthless Kendall Roy will is back to use all of his power to take down his own dad's business.

This TV show is really dramatic, and it's not objectionable when the drama occurs. Because it seems normal for the logic in this play. It actually tells the story of a very large media family, and the old man of this family is the kind of person who is very controlling. The old man is actually not in good health, but he still wants to be in power. There are four children in this family. When the old man couldn't work and the second brother took control of the situation, he became the biggest blamer of the sales company. This plot fully presents the contradictions and struggles within the family. The process of watching this drama is very interesting, because I feel that there are no permanent relatives, only permanent interests.

3.The Flash Season 8

Action Adventure Superpower Superhero

With the terror of Despero, Barry Allen has to keep running to save the whole planet from shattering.

The first five episodes of the season were cross-linked events, with other cast members and characters from the Arrow universe making cameos. When a powerful alien threat descends on Earth against a mysterious backdrop, Barry, Iris and the rest of the Flash are pushed to their limits in a desperate fight to save the world. As time goes by, however, the fate of humanity is at stake, and if the forces of good are to prevail, The Flash and his companions will need to enlist the help of some old friends.

4.Doctor Who Series 13

Action Adventure Mystery

The doctor returns for her biggest adventure with coming of The Flux!

The most important main line of the 13th season is that the doctor has to find his own past, find his branch, and find his own memory. There are many new characters, all of them are outstanding. The new partners often face the doctor alone without being with the doctor. They are really outstanding. The doctor fighting alone also has a fuller image, and the relationship between the companion and the doctor is also more attentive. To be honest, the setting of female doctors can explore some themes or at least perspectives that cannot be explored in the period of male doctors, such as family, which is more queer. At the same time, the character setting of Dan is also very good. His parents' roles are traditionally DW characters.