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The virus is raging, the end is coming! Korean zombie movie "Alive"


Action Thriller Zombie Gore Hyung-Shik Park Hyo-joo Han

With the new deadly virus emerges in town, different classes people have to work hand-in-hand. Will they defeat the virus?

The drama is set in the near future where the new crown epidemic is over. This is a new urban thriller about the survival of people who are isolated in a scaled-down apartment of a class society. A drama about rifts, horrors, struggles for survival and psychological warfare that unfolded as a result of the lockdown of an infectious disease. It raises the question of whether the value in the existing sense can remain unchanged when its existence is threatened. The trust between people is gradually disappearing. When daily life begins to collapse, and the original values begin to collapse, how will human beings choose?

2.Blood Red Sky

Action Thriller Zombie Gore bloody violent

Nadja is forced to reveal her inner monster that she has kept hidden from her son to save everyone from terrorist attack.

This film completely broke the routine and saw amazing imagination and a new story. There is nothing strange at the beginning of the story, that is, a group of terrorists colluded with the crew in advance and wanted to hijack the night plane. On such a closed flight, these gangsters showed their true colors, madly killing the people on the plane and looting other people's property. And slowly under control, the whole plane, this matter is developing in an uncontrollable direction...

3.Seoul Staion

Action Thriller Zombie Gore bloody violent

A groundbreaking zombie apocalypse where it started from Seoul station, will the whole world die? Get your brains ready for the zombies!

It's set in Seoul, and at Seoul Station after sunset, an old man among the many homeless people looks like he's devouring another. Before long, the whole street is filled with lunatics, Hae-sun, a teenage girl who runs away, breaks up with her boyfriend who is forcing her into prostitution. She left the dilapidated hotel near Seoul Station where they had witnessed people being attacked. The people who were attacked became the attackers, so that their numbers increased exponentially. The government announced the closure of the entire area. People who were not attacked wanted to escape from the attackers, but had nowhere to go. The film's response and supplement to the story of "Train to Busan" has become the biggest expectation of fans.


Action Thriller Zombie Gore bloody violent Ah-in Yoo Shin-hye Park

That infamous cult leader in 'Hellbound' Yoo Ah-in is in this movie as the last survivors in brain-eating zombies area!

The film is mainly about people infected by an unknown virus and become very aggressive zombies. People who are not infected the first time will be attacked by zombies, and the zombies will become a member of the zombies. Only a handful of survivors were trapped in the apartment. Without internet, phone and wifi, people can only survive by fighting zombies. When the isolated video game master exhausted all the resources at home and despaired of life, he met a girl in the next building who was struggling to survive in the predicament, and the two tried to find a way to escape from the isolated situation.