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Fallen Airl Falls In Love With A Lecturer Who Has Cancer,A Romance Movie "My Rainy Days"

1.Fishbowl Wives

Romance Extramarital Affairs Eroticism

A story of six wives and their sexual affairs based on a popular manga! Is this love, betrayal, or fate?

This drama tells the story of six wives living in the same luxury building in the city, each with their own marriage and family problems, including five-element marriage, lovelorn in marriage, domestic violence, problems with mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, the pressure of having children, in order to meet the husband's expectations And force yourself to wait. They are all thinking at the same time, should cheating be used to fill the void and escape the pain? The affair stories of the six wives are not only about the plight of women, but also about men, especially disadvantaged men who are particularly anxious and uneasy. Climb up.

2.Virgin Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors

Romance Virgin Extramarital Affairs Eroticism

Erotic Korean drama in black & white, bitter-sweet serenade to modern courtship.

This Korean movie takes 2 hours to tell a story about money, love, desire, and ruin. The structure of the film is very special, it is divided into upper and lower parts. The first half is the memory of the male protagonist Choo Hoon, and the second half is the memory of the female protagonist Soo Jung. It looks like a story is being told twice, but the details are different each time. In the male protagonist's memory, the female protagonist is shy, passive, and weak, and the whole process is a process of her own active pursuit. In the female lead's memory, she was the active party, and the whole process was her seduction of the male lead.

3.Love and Leashes

Romance SM Extramarital Affairs Idol Seohyun

Jung Ji-woo (Seo-hyun) is shocked to find out Jung Ji-hoo (Lee Jun-young) likes BDSM after dating! Will she be able to satisfy him?
This movie is based on the popular comics on the Internet. The scale of the original comics is very large. There are a large number of 18 banned contents in the comics, but at the same time, because of the extreme setting of the plot, it is deeply loved by readers. The male protagonist is a strong, handsome gentleman, while the female protagonist is upright, principled and stance. On the day of the male protagonist's entry, the female protagonist faced the boss's difficulties, and the male protagonist stood up to resolve the crisis. In the workplace, the male protagonist has strong working ability, handsome gentleman, and is deeply loved by other female staff. The heroine became jealous and decided to take the initiative. So in the past few months of getting along, I gradually fell in love with the male protagonist.

4.My Rainy Days

Student-Teacher Love Romance

Rio Ozawa falls in love with his lecturer who doesn't live long.This Student-Teacher Love is Perfect!Watch the twists and turns of their love in 'My Rainy Days'!

The film tells the story of a 14-year-old heroine who was raped and accidentally pregnant. It deserves sympathy, but it also makes people want to alienate. After this experience, she resigned herself to become a supporter. Later, I even brought friends to work together and took a cut of it myself. In this way, she spent many years hypocritical and corrupt. Until one day, she received a photo from the photo studio. Received the wrong courier due to the same last name. She fell in love with the boy in the photo at a glance. The hostess personally made an appointment with the boy on the grounds of returning the photo. It turned out that the boy was a teacher, and in order to date him, the heroine devoted all her energy to her homework. Unfortunately, they don't last long. Not because of age, nor because of scruples about teacher-student love. But Mr. Ozawa had a terminal illness as early as two years ago, and he knew that he would die soon...