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"Hell is Other People" There are too many mes in this world!

Drama / Action / Crime

《Bad Guys》

Li Zhengwen, the youngest serial murderer with a doctorate in mathematics and philosophy, the seasoned social boss Park Xiongzhe (played by Ma Dongxi), the ruthless hired killer Zheng Taishou, the criminal policeman Wu Jiuzhuo, and the rational and beautiful policeman Liu Meiying form an unreasonable play. The team that uses violence to control violence. The logic of the plot thinking is meticulous, and the "stars" and "love dramas" are not used to attract attention. The strong social background and cruel reality depict their strength, skills, mind and inner world.

Mystery / Thriller / Crime

《Hell is Other People》

Little White Rabbit strayed into a perverted killing house, and was slowly driven crazy by the environment. There are no instruments of torture in hell, because—others are hell. Although it's a cat-and-mouse game, the two male protagonists have a strong sense of CP. The villain, the big devil, not only followed and peeped next door, but also kept his mouth shut, dear, and completely regarded the male protagonist as his own forbidden art!

Drama / Comedy / Action / Romance / Horror

《Let's Fight Ghost》

A love story where the protagonist who can see ghosts and gods and ghosts and gods live together under the same roof... Each story always makes people feel warm from the dark, people and ghosts have different paths, and emotions do cross the gap between yin and yang. , the mortal world is full of endless noise and trivial desires!

Drama / Romance / Science Fiction / Mystery / Thriller


The whole process is complicated and confusing, and the audience's IQ is extremely tested. Things are subverted, and the original dead person is not dead. The male protagonist met his father at home - just like this, two worlds, the same people, different lives and personalities, are connected through the parallel time-space tunnel of "train". People killed in world A will throw their corpses into world B.