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One-night stand turns into murder, dark suspenseful Korean drama"One Ordinary Day"

1.One Ordinary Day

Soo-hyun Kim Suspense true cruel thrilling murder

Remake of BBC series, this will be the comeback for Kim Soo-hyun from 'It's Okay Not To Be Okay'!

Just like the dark gray tones of its poster, the show tells a story of brutal realism. The male protagonist is a college student who meets a young beauty while driving at night. Catalyzed by alcohol and drugs, the two had a good night. But when he woke up, he found that the girl had been killed, and all the evidence seemed to point to him. Such a sudden dewy relationship changed his life and even his family overnight. Who is the murderer? If the murderer is not a young college student, who is going to frame him and why? What will he face in prison as a young man? How will he deal with the constant problems that arise?

2.Bad and Crazy

Suspense true cruel thrilling murder Dong-Wook Lee Ha-joon Wi

Finally Wi Ha‑joon and Lee Dong‑Wook are back on screen! Can your heart handle seeing their bad and crazy side?

The name of this drama thought it would be very heavy, because the plot tells the story of a police officer with a dual personality who exposes the collusion between the police and the outside. But after watching it, I found out that it is in the style of comedy, which is considered to have a special style in a number of suspense dramas. The male protagonist has dual personalities. His first personality tends to be powerful and fish in troubled waters. In order to get promoted in the police station that relies on relationships, he also does some things that do not distinguish between right and wrong. However, because of his poor family, he was admitted to the police station by his own efforts. Although he made a choice against his will for the big environment, over time, his conscience finally drove him to split into a second personality. This personality is very idealistic and looks forward to becoming a hero who punishes evil and promotes good. Therefore, it is against the first personality everywhere.

3.Through The Darkness

Suspense true cruel thrilling murder Nam-gil Kim

Put on your detective hat together with Kim Nam Gil to catch the most murderous serial killer the 'Red Hat'!

All the stories in this play are basically adapted from real cases. The rhythm basically maintains the rhythm of one case every two episodes. The scale is wide and the crime process is directly presented, allowing the audience to intuitively feel the cruelty. A thriller serial murder case that specifically picks up women who live alone, a bad policeman who does not hesitate to beat innocent people in order to speed up the case, and a crime profiler who insists on finding evidence and never gives up justice... The story is fast-paced, full of characters, and has a strong sense of crime. The exposure is very profound, and the sharpness of some who are police officers but whose human nature is very inferior is also very profound.


Suspense true cruel thrilling murder horror Kang-joon Seo

The heroine in 'Sweet Home' is back in Grid as a mysterious being that no one can catch! What is her real mission?

The plot mainly tells that 24 years ago, under the protection of Grid, a mysterious woman called the ghost, the earth escaped the damage of the solar wind by a narrow shot and survived to this day, and then the ghost disappeared without a trace. It's almost today, when the police department is investigating a murder case, it is unexpectedly discovered that the ghost is an accomplice! Is this mysterious woman an enemy or a friend, and the protective shield she provides is to protect the earth? Or don't you care? Ghosts have helped people in the past, but this time they appear as accomplices in the murder case. What is going on?