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Giant Monsters Raid The World To Punish the Wicked! Thriller K-Drama "Hellbound"


Thriller Gore Suspense Cult Ah-in Yoo Squid Game

Mysterious creatures appear in Seoul to send sinners to hell, ready to see them?

The male protagonist created the "New Truth Religion" because he saw the scene of the murder of three monsters in advance. He preached the doctrine of building the world with kindness and repenting before death. What he did was a bit like a movie called Death Note many years ago. The protagonist of the comic, Ye Shenyue, uses the same notice to kill people, using violence to control violence. The feeling of the last three episodes is more like the "post-hell era". People have become accustomed to the three monsters that suddenly appeared. The fear makes everyone tremble and dare not make any mistakes. Among them, there are gangsters mixed in, and the world is in chaos. , the government and the police system are useless, and everyone only believes in the "New Truth Religion". In the last episode, the director gave a glimmer of hope to everyone in the play and the audience outside the play. After many years, the police finally bravely arrested the priest of the "New Truth Religion".

2.The Wheel of Time

Rosamund Pike Fantasy Visual Department Special Effects

Embark on a journey of ten individuals searching for power, either for good or bad of the world!

This play is adapted from a novel, and it builds a very complex and huge worldview. The setting of time alone exceeds the audience's cognition. It is no longer a linear progression, but each axis represents an era. As the wheel turns, the era also changes. The power of women is infinitely magnified in the play, which is very rare in previous fantasy works. The outline of the whole film scene, let people see Hemingway's white elephant-like mountains and Gothic style nomads. In the violent aesthetics, it does not use stunts to construct every frame, but you can also experience the magic of the supreme force to the two masters, the blood of the orcs, and the perversion of the white robes.

3.Lost in Space

fantasy sci-fi adventure space universe

Killer robots are hunting down Robinson family in outer space and will not leave anyone behind. The end is near, get a grab of it!

This drama mainly talks about the year 2046, when the earth is no longer suitable for human existence. The Robinsons are involved in a difficult mission to build a new colony in outer space, only to be accidentally pulled out of orbit and forced to land on a mysterious planet for an adventure. Robinson is an astrophysicist and commander of the space expedition. His wife is also a fearless and clever spacecraft engineer. The couple decided to take the whole family to space to find a new life. How will the family who encountered the accident solve the problems encountered? This series is a remake, which retains the essence of the original and retells the story for us with a new and modern approach to filming.


monsters comedy superpowers Anne Hathaway

How do you feel when you are somehow connected to a monster that appear in a big city like Seoul?!

The film tells the story of a young woman in New York who was abandoned by her fiancé and was tragically fired. When a giant lizard appeared in Tokyo and caused a devastating blow to mankind, she gradually realized that she had a relationship with this giant beast thousands of miles away. Strange telepathy, so the task of saving the world naturally fell on her shoulders. This sci-fi thriller monster film is called a combination of "Godzilla" and "Lost in Translation". It expresses characters through monsters, and expresses inner struggles through external scenes. Under the fun package is a serious theme.