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Han So-Hee is singing in "Soundtrack"!


Workplace · Comedy (Release Date:2022/3/19)

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Starring Anne Hathaway and Jared Leto! Showing the rise and fall of the shared office company WeWork!

2.The King of Pigs 

Thriller · School Bullying · K-Drama(Release Date:2022/3/19)

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The latest horror K-Drama! Adapted from a popular animation, it shows the darkness and brutality of school bullying, and how the bullied person can resist in despair!

3.Deep Water

Thriller · Crime · 18+(Release Date:2022/3/19)

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Starring Ben Affleck, the wife cheated repeatedly, the husband decided to get his wife back, but accidentally fell into the abyss of crime?

4.Sound Track 1

Romance · Musical(Release Date:2022/3/24)

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Starring Han So-Hee and Park Hyung-sik! After accidentally living together, the childhood sweethearts expressed their affection to each other. When did their love begin to sprout?

5.Halo Season 1

Sci-Fi · Thriller · War(Release Date:2022/3/25)

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Adapted from the famous game "Halo"! In the 26th century, an epic cosmic war break out between humans and alien races! Can the Spartan warriors defend the peace?