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The woman in "Red Moon and Green Sun" bumped into a child and got involved in a mysterious case!

Mystery / Thriller / Crime

《Less Than Evil》

Shen Ha is suspected of being cool, and the sense of suspense and tension is okay. The heroine Li Xue's acting skills seem to be very good. Kim Gun Woo looks a lot like Seo In Guk. The policeman played by Uncle Park Haoshan was so bad that he was not fired from the police force. Why is a criminal police braided Korean police so loose, not undercover. There are too many scum, and they should be eliminated!

Suspense / Thriller

《Children of Nobody》

A very complete story, without the usual Korean drama's drag rhythm and blunt twists. Also a very sad story. How can there be so many hurt people in the world? The foreshadowing is well set, there is no Conan-style murderer, and the subtle human nature realized by the virgin protagonist at the end is also a complex contradiction rarely seen in the play, which is really embarrassing.

Drama / Crime


Records of the last six months of prosecutor Park Jung-hwan's life, chief of the search command section of the Anti-Corruption Division of the Great Prosecutor's Office. No longer able to overcome the last blow to the world by the man who said goodbye to life in this world. On the road to justice before the end of the male protagonist, the female protagonist plays a key role in many cases. And even if the heroine does not get the love she desires, she also gets the respect of the other party. Excellent women are worthy of being cherished.


Drama / Crime

《Class of Lies》

There are juvenile crimes as brutal as social events in the school, but the punishment is insufficient because they are juveniles. In the play, Yoon Kyun-sang is the lawyer with the highest winning percentage, but he fell into the abyss with an incident as an opportunity. To restore his reputation, he entered the high school involved in the incident as a temporary teacher. As a teacher, the various juvenile crimes that occurred on campus were shocking, and he stood on the side of disadvantaged students and represented their voice.