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The Most Influential Classic IP "The Matrix" In The History Of Sci-Fi Movies Is Back!

1.The Matrix Ressurection

Sci-Fi Classic Hacker Alternate Worlds Action Keanu Reeves

Neo came accross Trinity and she starts showing super power?!

In 1999, the release of the first "Matrix" attracted many loyal fans. It was followed by The Matrix: Reloaded and The Matrix: The Matrix Revolutions. The three films grossed $466 million, $742 million, and $427 million worldwide, respectively. It can be described as a double harvest at the box office and word of mouth. After 18 years, Warner Bros. released The Matrix: The Matrix Reboot. As the first Hollywood sci-fi action blockbuster in 2022, various action scenes such as gunfire, explosive battles, and high-burning racing have been fully upgraded.

2.The Expanse

hard sci-fi space adventure alien

Prepare for the final battle of intergalactic space! This is the last season, be sure to not miss out!

Based on the best-selling book of the same name, it is a tech-oriented hardcore sci-fi drama. The first season was born in 2015, and it was well received as soon as it was launched. By 2018, three seasons were launched one after another, and the word-of-mouth was better than the last. In the third season, it scored 9.4 points, making it a classic. Although "Boundless Sky" is an American drama with a science fiction theme, the drama is full of magnificent fantasy, but in terms of the performance of the picture and the structure of the plot, this sci-fi drama has always insisted on two words: reasonable. In the play, even the most subtle principles of physics can be taken care of. It really makes people feel that if they are watching real scenes hundreds of years later, not a sci-fi movie, especially those battle scenes in space are enough. You who conquer the Star Wars fans.


Robot Sci-Fi Doomsday Escape Adventure Chloë Grace Moretz

"Hit Girl" Chloë Moretz as the young mother, can she escape from the almighty Androids?

Set in the near future, the film depicts humanity being destroyed by robots from the perspective of a pregnant mother. The two female protagonists set off for Boston, the last hope. They had to pass through a dangerous area in a robot war zone. They were finally attacked. conspiracy! After putting them in the human settlement site, they started to attack, and the last easter egg was unexpected!

4.The Blackout

Alien Sci-Fi Save the World Action

Alien invasion is underway and the war has begun! Never knew a movie can be this good, watch it now!

This film mainly tells about the alien invasion of the earth and the control of all life on earth through electromagnetic radiation. But unfortunately, due to the existence of the moon, part of the electromagnetic radiation is blocked, leaving the last life zone on the earth, and mankind will rely on this last base to launch a counterattack. And this base happens to be somewhere in Russia, where humans take on the task of saving the earth. This film creates a new way of expressing fear with the perfect combination of modern electronic music and blue footage.