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[Top Drama] The fictional period drama "The Gilded Age" puts intrigue directly on the table!

History, Times, Drama, American Drama, Politics

《The Gilded Age Season 1》

America's new rich VS old money battle! A period of dramatic change in the U.S. economy. Young orphan Marian Brook, the daughter of a Confederate general, lives in the New York home of her old-fashioned aunt Agnes van Rhijn. A mysterious but talented African-American woman, Peggy Scott, disguises herself as Marian's maid. With Peggy by his side, Marian is inadvertently embroiled in a status war!Highest Rated Movies Recommendation!

prison, suspense

《Through the Darkness 》

Why do we need to know the psychology of serial killers? What is the point of crime profiling? Song Ha-young, a police officer who wants to catch the real murderer, and Guo Rongxiu, who wants to set up a scientific search team, open up the road of modern scientific search by analyzing the motives and behavior patterns of serial killers.

Drama / Mystery / Thriller / Horror

《Servant Season 3》

The plot of the third season is getting better and better. What makes people anxious is that Dorothy, such a naughty woman, has never thought about why the child is fine when Lianne is around, and she becomes a doll when Lianne is not there. Ann's side guards are even stronger!

Drama / Science Fiction / Thriller / Fantasy

《Raised by Wolves Season 2》

The true identity of the god Thor is still a mystery. Humans not only need to conquer the environment and overcome the weaknesses of human nature, but also find their true path under the guidance of gods and artificial humans. Raised by wolves, Romulus was raised by wolves, but built a Roman city-state. We can't choose our origin, but we can choose the path under our feet and the belief we believe in.