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A Naked Female Corpse That Kills? Horror Movie "The Autopsy of Jane Doe"

1.Below Her Mouth

romantic female forbidden love

One encounter can change everything, when Jasmine meet Dallas, the steamy affair that forces them both to re-evaluate their lives starts!

This is a famous Canadian film, which mainly tells the story of two girls who met and fell in love with each other regardless of the worldly gaze. The main purpose is to express that people are diverse, and all types of love should be treated with respect and equality. At the beginning, it mainly tells the story of the encounter between the two. Most of the plots in this part are humorous and interesting, but in the middle of the film, it is mainly about the relationship between the two and the various hardships they have suffered. and the pressure of the worldly gaze. In the end, the two protagonists followed their own hearts, and even if the pressure of public opinion was great, they had to walk together and grow old together. At the end of the story, both of them got their wish and got the most sincere blessings from their friends.


horror captivity Daisy Edgar-Jones Sebastian Stan

Dating someone = falling into the darkest secret he/she has! 

The heroine of this film is a single woman who is eager for love. The fast-paced urban life and the nature of the work of an independent painter make her have to rely on the "dating APP" for a long time to find a partner. The turning point of things was an unromantic grocery shopping encounter. The male protagonist walks into Noah's world with a bag of grapes. On the first weekend of acquaintance, Noah followed Steve to the cabin in the deep woods and enjoyed the wonderful two-person world. However, after sobering up, she was already handcuffed and imprisoned in a specially designed small cell. Steve had no intention of concealing it, and told Noah bluntly that all this was his trap from the very beginning.

3.The Autopsy of Jane Doe

horror corpse anatomy resurrection gore

A mysterious female corpse with no identification and bruises came in for autopsy, but strange things happen by the seconds...

The story begins in a town in Gome, where father and son are both coroners. One day, the police brought a female body. The abnormal phenomena of the unknown female corpse made the father and son puzzled, so they decided to dissect them to find out. The atmosphere of the director's whole film is very good, and the first half is mainly about suspense and doubt. In the second half, the female corpse was used to create all kinds of hallucinations, which caused the father and son to lose their senses and lose their minds, and eventually died. From the beginning to the end, the female corpses are all static, there is no imaginary corpse deception, and the zombie attack such as corpse attack is also the director's brilliant point, which is thrilling to the extreme.

4.No Exit

female violence bloody escape

A female college student got herself trapped in a highway stopover, trying to uncover the dark truth hidden behind a kidnapped child.

The beginning of the story takes place in a drug rehab center. In order to escape the harassment of the drug dealer group, the heroine had to choose to lock herself up, and this is the seventh time she has come in! When everything was going according to the class, the heroine suddenly received a call. It turned out that her mother was critically ill, and she was in urgent need of major surgery today. But the tragedy is that the drug rehab center refused the heroine to leave! In order to be able to see her mother for the last time, the heroine had to escape in the middle of the night. The plot is extremely tight, and it can even be said to be tense to the point of suffocation, but throughout the entire movie, it seems that there are some subtle hidden relationships that can be unearthed.