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Big cheap and small cheap together, it is really a combination of two swords, invincible "Adam Project"

Comedy / Action / Sci-Fi / Adventure

《Our Name Is Adam》

A film about time and space travel is also a family-friendly popcorn with three greens in the same frame. The director tries to warm the audience through the mental journey between the characters. Little Adam, who has always been disgusted by his eloquence, can clearly see the male protagonist's consciousness. After the prejudice, he turned around and educated him, and the moment when the two sons disappeared while playing baseball, only the father's lonely expression and silence remained.

action, love, lust


In the modern life full of desires, one will lose desire and lose direction. Maybe it's all just seeking excitement from the monotony of life. The chain reaction of stimulation brings boundless loss and despair. Everyone is a victim. When love becomes a numb routine, it is a kind of sadness and helplessness, and the spit on the face when making love becomes a shock.

sci-fi, horror, dream


The vortex of mistakenly entering the space, the peace in the day, the hidden danger in the night, the smiling devil approaching slowly, singing in a low voice, tempting you to go to the delusion. People are born with stubborn opinions, unbelief in life and death, and increase the sense of conflict. Like a group, everyone has a story, and everyone has an unspeakable past. . .

Drama / Romance / Song and Dance / Crime

《West Side Story》

All the adjustments made for better storytelling are accurate and effective. The most powerful thing is that Spielberg put cinema before musical, making people forget at some point that this was a stage that was difficult to save.” "thing. Dance as a narrative language no longer occasionally strays from the movie like the old version, and the passage of Riff and Tony grabbing a gun is an excellent example!