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The Whole Family Has An Extramarital Affair!Korean Comedy Movies"What a Man Wants"

1.Happy New Year

Dong-Wook Lee Yoona Ha-neul Kang Romance Love Story CP Gorgeous Sweet

Let's wrap upp all the good/bad of 2021 with Lee Kwang-soo, Han Ji-Min, Lim Yoon-A , Lee Dong-Wook, and many more greatest actors/actress here! Who knows one of them will be the year end couple!

Set against the backdrop of Christmas, the film consists of multiple sets of love stories. Although love is the main line, other forms of feelings such as family affection and friendship are also intertwined. Bring the audience into a warm mood through cheerful pictures and music. Over two hours, many different forms of love were shown to the audience. It's not the characters that tie these stories together, it's the emotions. Although the plot switches between several stories, the joy or sadness felt by the audience is coherent in these stories. This movie heals with warmth. In the name of love, let us learn to "let go" and learn to "accept".

2.How I Met Your Father

romance love story cp sweet cure comedy

Remember the classic 'How I Met Your Mother'? This time in prespective of Sophie, they will bring back those good old memories!

The story is about Ted Mosby's journey in 2030 when he begins telling his children how he met their mom. Talking and talking, it has been two seasons, but this mother has not yet appeared. But this will not make the audience lose patience, because with the development of the plot, the focus of the audience's attention has already shifted from finding out who "mom" is to the interesting and intriguing experiences of Ted and several friends. It is not only a humorous comedy, but also rich in many life philosophies. It also reflects the realities of life, such as unemployment, the contradiction between work and ideals, the pain of losing a loved one, and the subsequent gradual change in life towards optimism, etc. Therefore, there is no lack of warmth, touching and educational significance.

3.What a Man Wants

Affair Large Scale Marriage Ethics Forbidden Love Ji-hyo Song

Intimate love affairs get dramatic between four young lovers on Jeju Island. Watch now to find out who will bring the real love home!

In the movie, the honest and honest husband has a secret extramarital affair! On weekdays, even gifts for wives and lovers would be confused. However, this movie is not just as simple as the husband's affair, until the end, the plot gradually unravels everyone's mysterious emotional world, it turns out that everyone in it has cheated. The heroine cheated with her husband's restaurant staff and her husband had a lover outside. The heroine's brother-in-law has been married for 20 years and has a lover. Although her sister knew that her husband was having an affair, she kept a secret and fell in love with the masseuse. The film transforms the complex emotional world into a witty comedy, with the aim of exploring the social problems of the rising rate of affairs in South Korea in recent years.

4.On Your Wedding Day

Romance First Love Secret Love Campus CP Sweet Bo-young Park

From crushes to weddings, a couple’s journey of love over a decade is packed with broken hearts, happiness, and uncertainty.

The film describes the pure love of the two protagonists when they were young and ignorant in high school. After ten years of running-in, the relationship between the two has changed continuously in the past ten years, from heartbroken disputes, lovelorn pains to falling in love again, and they are constantly entangled together. This is a very happy and very beautiful pure love movie. The first half focuses on all the beauty of the first love on campus, in order to highlight the cruelty behind. Over the years, the female protagonist's boyfriend has changed one after another, and the male protagonist has always been her spare tire. Finally, the heroine was moved by the hero, but after all, she was unable to withstand the pressure of real life and missed each other.