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The Best Cast Of The Year! Korean Sci-Fi Drama "The Silent Sea"

1.The Nun

thriller suicide priest christian suspense

Dare to meet Valak? Vatican scariest ghost will be your nightmare tonight...

This movie is about a nun and a priest who went to investigate the suicide of a nun in Romania. During the investigation, they encountered a series of terrifying and thrilling incidents, and also discovered many truths and unknown things, and finally successfully defeated evil. The nun's story. The story is based on the Second World War, where the bombarded church takes on a gloomy atmosphere, and priests and nuns assigned by the Vatican Church launch an investigation. For the Christian Church, there must be a bigger secret behind the suicide of the nun, and the priest is also an expert in investigating supernatural beings and has considerable experience in this regard. And the nun is only a trainee nun, and has not yet made an announcement. It is such a combination that embarked on the horror journey of this film.


Elf Thriller Island Violent

A Christmas vacation turns into a nightmare for a teenager and her family when they discover an ancient menace that stalks their island getaway.

The background of the story is that when the Christmas holidays are approaching, a family of four in Denmark rents a cottage on the rural island of Oman, intending to spend the holiday there. When they first arrived on Oman Island, the daughter discovered that a special kind of elf existed on the island, and forged a fate with a wounded elf baby. However, the inhabitants of Oman Island apparently knew about the existence of the creature and were very wary of them. The delicate balance between humans and elves was also broken by the arrival of this family, triggering a major crisis that threatened everyone's lives.

3.Narcos Vs Zombies

Zombies Thriller Violent Gore

A narco kingpin escapes Mexican prison located on the U.S. side of the border where they encounter deadly mutant zombies.

The setting of this zombie film is also relatively strange, from the previous zombie dog to the zombie deer, to the zombie tiger, and finally it is the turn of the pig 'a little cute'. There are five lines in the story, the drug lord is the main line, and the other four lines are developed around, and finally meet and then separate. In fact, this drama shows the origin of zombies, the process of transformation 'what people see when they change', what they look like after the transformation, as well as the small-scale spread of the zombie virus. The plot design coexists in two lines, and the virus experiment is connected to the drug lord's jailbreak to some extent, avoiding the controversy of human experimentation.

4.The Silent Sea

Korean Drama Space Science Fiction Mystery Yoo Doona Bae Gong

Gong Yoo and Heo Sung-tae are on an important mission to rescue the dying earth.

This 8-episode sci-fi suspense drama sets the time in 2075 when water resources are collapsing and builds a Blizzard Mountain Villa in outer space for the astronaut team. The goal was to complete the mission and return to Earth in 24 hours, but not long after landing on the moon, the entire team lost the spacecraft they used to return to Earth. The only person who knew the structure of the base, Vice-Chang Huang, also died of internal hemorrhage caused by the fracture, communication was interrupted, and he was helpless. The moon has become their island. The three words water, guardian, and home are the core concepts that recur throughout the play, and the softest emotions also come from these seemingly ordinary things, such as family affection.