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"Break-by, Parting", the poor couple finally succeeded in Kiss!

family, drama, love

《Cinderella's Sister》

My sister had a rough life since she was a child, and she was indifferent to others. Xiaoshan had an excellent life since childhood, lacking maternal love. I never felt that any of them was a bad person. Everything Xiaoshan did was to protect this family. In this family, neither my sister nor my mother was wronged. They are all kind in nature, but one hides his concern for others, and the other only cares about the meaning of family.

Emotion, Out of Wedlock, Drama, Romance

《The Goodbye Has Left》

Exaggerated and real, society is so complicated, extramarital affairs are really many. Marriage is a product of modern society, and it is the product of two partners. Legal protection is also to maintain social stability. It is difficult to balance mutual interests within a certain period of time.

love, time, ambiguous

《Tomorrow with You 》

The female protagonist talks about her love for the male protagonist, and the male protagonist pours her love for the female protagonist into her actions. What the heroine needs for the hero is to satisfy her fantasy about marriage. In the marriage, Song Ma Lin seems to be the weaker party, but she has always asked for something and never thought about doing something for the male lead. How long will the male lead like such a heroine?

love / fantasy

《Familiar Wife》

What exactly caused the failure of the family in the initial state? Zhu Hyeok looks diligent and conscientious, but in fact, he goes home late at night to play games when he doesn't have much time to be lazy all day long. With two young children at home, Yuzhen is not enjoying the life of a housewife at home. It seems that neither of them has fatal character flaws and behavioral mistakes. What is the problem?