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The Terrifying Truth Behind the Paranormal Video! Supernatural horror drama "Archive 81"


bloody horror violent hardcore demon

The dark secret of their student will lead them to encounter terrifying figure of a legendary ancestral creature...

The film begins with Frank, a drug maker making drugs in an abandoned mine, when he and his younger son are attacked by deer demons. His eldest son Lucas takes on the responsibility of taking care of his father and younger brother. He is mentally deformed, and he has become accustomed to killing and bloodshed. The slaughter of demons under family trauma, the gloomy tone from beginning to end, echoes the doomed future. This is a horror movie with a high degree of completion, because the movie is also mixed with sensitive elements such as depression in the hearts of teenagers and parental aggression. The director's picture aesthetics are also excellent, and the characters' movements, expressions and demeanor are well described.

2.Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City

bloody horror violent hardcore zombie game adaptation

The door to Raccoon City of Umbrella Corporation is now open for you! Some people are still left behind in there...

"Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City" is not a sequel to the existing "Resident Evil" series of movies, but a movie that is closer to the plot of the original game. The new version of the story will focus on 1998 Raccoon City, once the headquarters of the booming pharmaceutical giant, Umbrella, and now a sleepy Midwestern town. The company's massive evacuation has turned the city into a wasteland, with a great evil lurking beneath. When the evil is unleashed, the people of the town will be changed forever, and a small group of survivors must work together to uncover the truth behind the umbrella and make it through the night.

3.I Am a Hero

bloody horror violent hardcore zombie game adaptation

Zombies are starting to run rampant in Japan and the geeky Hideo will become a hero for his country! Will he succeed?

Based on the comic book of the same name, the film is like a miniature version of The Walking Dead in terms of content and form. But the difference is that this movie not only uses enough blood to present a unique Japanese-style passion, but also has the inner concept of being able to carry on the local atmosphere of Japan, and staged a different Japanese-style zombie apocalypse. The film is based on a manga artist Suzuki Hero who is nearly middle-aged, has dreams, but is still difficult to achieve. He is timid and loves to imagine. With the outbreak of the virus, the male protagonist accidentally encounters Bi Lumi, a female high school student who is infected but not completely corpse, and then embarks on an escape journey together.

4.Archive 81

horror hardcore Mystery Paranormal Psychological Thriller

Dan Turner, a video archiver is given a task to solve the mystery of tapes that are interconnected to all odd events, dare to watch?

The male protagonist of the show is a professional videotape restorer who specializes in repairing aged or damaged tapes. His career and life changed dramatically after he received a rather bizarre commission. The client asked him to restore a batch of video tapes shot in 1994. These video tapes came from the sensational Weiser apartment fire incident. The registered residents in the apartment all died in the fire, but no one has been found so far. a corpse. The two narrative lines that advance into the plot are presented in the form of double metamorphoses - Melody's video tapes are presented to the audience segment by segment through Dan's restoration. As an image carrier, is the tape simply a copy of the record, or does it leave the connection between time and space?