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The Adventure Of The Strongest Bounty Hunter In The Universe "The Book of Boba Fett"

1.High Class

High Society Educational Issues K-Drama

Sang and Yeo Wool find a tunnel that leads to a secret room in her place.

This drama aims to satirize the school selection concept of the rich people in Hallyu. The rich people in the show are very careful about their children's school choices, and they must enter the most advanced schools. The heroine in the play has been living alone in the rich circle with her son after the death of her husband. Later, she moved to the villa area where the rich live. She hopes to make some other rich friends in this villa, so as to pave the way for her son to go to school in the future. But after moving in, their lives were even more difficult than before......

2.The Book of Boba Fett

Spinoff Star Wars The Mandalorian Sci-Fi Fantasy

Watch Boba take over from his former boss, Jabba the Hutt, and rule a portion of the galaxy with honor!

The legendary bounty hunter Boba, as one of the main fighting forces of the Empire, was stranded in the homeland of Skywalker, the desert planet of Tatooine lit by two suns. When he woke up, he was enslaved by the Tuskens for a while. By the time he won the trust of the Tuskens and became one of them, the empire was gone. This spin-off returns to the essence of the Star Wars series, and it is the most interesting part of the whole story, giving everyone a taste of those again, enough to enrich the history of the galaxy.

3.Money Heist

crime violence suspense spain

Rumor says that Tokyo is still alive?! What is the master plan of Professor this time?

The play consists of five seasons. The whole season revolves around two robbery incidents. The target of the Spanish National Banknote Printing Factory is "money printing machine" and the target of the National Bank of Spain gold reserve is "90 tons of gold". The high IQ of the main task of "robbing a bank" crime. The theme story is bold, the characters are distinctive, and the most important thing is to tell a story of intellect that is constantly reversing. Both sides of the duel are high IQ, and the audience is presented with a method that the audience can't think of. Overall, it is a story of a thief that is watertight. There are plenty of flashbacks in the final season, recounting the lives of several of the members before the money printing plant, repeatedly explaining to the audience why these characters chose this path.

4.The Witcher

Sci-Fi Fantasy Violent Hollywood Action Adventure

Continuation of the story of Gerald and Ciri hunting monsters and heading to Kaer Morhen. The most awaited series is finally out!

The show is a fantasy TV series co-produced by the United States and Poland, based on the novel of the same name written by Andrzej Sapkowski. The whole play basically revolves around three key characters, and the content of the world view is quite huge. There are certain reasons for the connection and association of each character, especially the interaction and dialogue of each character will stimulate the ideas and changes of the protagonist group. In the world view in this play, you can see many races about elves, monsters, demon hunters, wizards, etc. that are not pure human beings.