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Husband Obsessed With Inflatable Doll ,Their Marriage Is In Crisis !Japanese Romance Movie "Romance Doll"

1.Romance Doll

romantic touching marriage privacy 18+

A Japanese sex doll-making artist fell in love with one of the models behind his dolls, Sonoko.

Based on the novel of the same name, the film tells the love story of an office worker who makes an inflatable doll and his wife. The male protagonist married the female protagonist at first sight, and he concealed his true work. However, due to the excessive enthusiasm for the production of inflatable dolls, the relationship between husband and wife has been in crisis. Under such circumstances, his wife confessed to him the secret she had in her heart... What is unusual about the film is that it discusses in a very candid way some of the things that are very private and difficult for people to talk about. For what love is and what love feels like, the movie gives a very intuitive depiction.

2.Love Hard

Love Romance Online Dating Gorgeous CP

Natalie finally going to meet the sexy guy she's been talking in dating app but he's actually not real! How will her love journey ends?

The film tells the story of a Los Angeles girl who tragically falls in love with an East Coast boy through a dating app who decides to surprise him for Christmas, only to find out she's been cheated on. But the person she really likes actually lives in the same city as her, and the boy who tricked her is willing to help match them, but asks the girl to pretend to be his girlfriend for Christmas...

3.A.I. Rising

Sexual AI Ethics 18+

A.I that is designed to saved humanity and fullfilling its creator sexual pleassure become a killer robot. See how world is taken over by robot!

The male protagonist is a space engineer, who is withdrawn and has a high self-esteem but is very talented. When he was given psychological counseling by a sociological behavioral expert (advanced intelligent AI), he arranged for Xiaoman, an intelligent AI female avatar. After the male protagonist heard about the learnability, privacy and obedience of AI girls, he thought about it. At this time, the male protagonist went from having no desire to escape to being aroused by desire. Unlock the various functions of this robot step by step in the space capsule. The process of guiding her behavior is actually a process in which the male protagonist wants to obtain more desires after satisfying his desires. In the following days, the male protagonist collapsed and began to self-mutilate himself and reject the female protagonist. The heroine began to study in front of a lot of abuse and the truth, and finally realized that she may have become a person....

4.Single's Inferno

romantic high value korean show lonely island sexy

The hottest most exciting matchmaking event in Korea! Single's Inferno will help 5 men and 4 women searching for love to be matched.

This is a Korean variety show. A group of single handsome men and beautiful women live together on the uninhabited island of hell, and they have to complete various challenges. Everyone who is unfamiliar with each other can only choose both ways with their favorite objects in a limited number of days, and then they can leave hell and go to the luxurious and comfortable paradise island to chat and enjoy delicious food. Through the game session set by the program, let this group of single men and women quickly get acquainted and start a romantic and ambiguous journey.