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Animal version of Romeo and Juliet! High Score Animation "Beastars"

1.Attack on Titan

Bloody Combat Violent Action Adventure Anime

Reiner with Marleyans marching to Paradis to kill Eren and Hange holding Levi’s lifeless body!

This comic has been serialized since 2009, and it has brought people countless surprises, grief and anger. The theme of the comics has shifted from the passionate and passionate style of hot-blooded teenagers to the more realistic and cruel themes of politics and family hatred. This anime's portrayal of the characters' characters and the plot twists that are constantly reversed and laid out. We can see each character's choice, and the pain that comes with it. In an overhead world, this anime did not give us a happy ending beyond reality. Just like the real world, the Parady Island and the world outside the wall after the broken walls fell into an endless battle. The male protagonist did not hesitate to Destroying the world and becoming a sinner wanted to save the world and make the power of giants disappear, and his sacrifice and dedication became a futile struggle.

2.Tokyo Revenger

Revenge Time Travel Romance Campus High School Students

To save the girl he loves, Takemichi must travel back in time and beat all odds!

This is an animation on the theme of time travel. With a little dark element, it is not a traditional positive energy animation. The first episode uses flashbacks, and the second episode begins the normal narration. From the beginning, the male protagonist was like a waste person, and his life was messy, but after seeing the news of his ex-girlfriend's death on TV one day, his life changed dramatically. Accidentally fell off the track while riding the MRT, and then traveled back to twelve years ago. Back to the male protagonist in middle school, he met his former classmate and ex-girlfriend. From the beginning of this plot, the story officially kicked off, telling a story of constantly traveling through the past and saving the ex-girlfriend.

3.Demon Slayer: Entertainment District Arc

Violent Action Hot-blooded Combat High Score Anime

After the death of Rengoku, Tanjiro and his squad continue their journey to put an end on The Demon King. Stronger enemies are coming!

The blood and unity contained in the plot is moving, and the "unity" is also vividly displayed here. In the course of the battle, it is precisely because they are united that they can overcome with difficulty. Although the main line of this chapter is not long, a large number of literary dramas also make the characters of this season more plump and three-dimensional. For example, the three wives have different personalities, and they all play a role in shaping the characters in the plot. Fallen Ji became a younger sister who hides her fragile heart with a harsh appearance after suffering from a young girl in Hualou, and Taro, a prostitute, protects her younger sister. The awakening of her is in conflict with the cruel and bloody fusion of being a ghost, and the happiness of unsightly others and her long-cherished wish to work hard to bring happiness to her sister.


Racism Satire Politics Romance Metaphor Reality

In this second season Legoshi tries desperately to save his lover Haru from the Shishigumi lion's swarm, will he succeed?

On the surface, this anime is a human protagonist replaced by animals, which is about the war between herbivores and carnivores. But those who can understand it must understand the metaphor. Because herbivores and carnivores are inherently symbols of class and group distinction. First of all, this is a world where all animals live together, but completely different from the Disney animation of the family carnival, the animals here have appetites and desires, and it is a more adult animal world. Since there is a distinction between species and species, there must be discrimination and contradictions, which are almost invisible in Disney's family animation. Unlike "Zootopia", "Beastars" is completely realistic. A true portrayal of life, we can also see which animals are referring to ourselves.