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"Spider-Man: Far From Home" Opens A New Era Of Marvel Universe!Spider-Man Leads The Avengers

1.The French Dispatch

Timothée Chalamet Saoirse Ronan Wes Anderson Léa Seydoux hollywood fictional reporter newspaper news

The most successful comedy-drama film played by Timothée Chalamet, Owen Wilson, Tilda Swinston! 

In this film, the death of the newspaper boss, who is exposed to the fictional reality of the film, triggers the final explosion of the wonderful content of the newspaper. In the fixed scene of the staff introduction full of jokes, the audience seems to be unable to judge which is which for a while. In the following expansion part, the legendary stories written through each person's subjective perspective allow people to look back and examine these unique "tool people" roles. In the form of an all-star series, the film steadily places dozens of European and American superstars in every corner of the legendary story, making them invisible, entering the role almost indifferently, and piercing the legendary narrative of the film coldly. In several stories, the prisoners who paint, the mature women who fall in love with the protesting youth, etc., not only have genre appeal, but also very actively respond to the rising and falling discussions and crises about gender, identity, and globalization in the last century.

2.Spider-Man: Far from Home

Superhero Robert Downey Jr. Samuel L. Jackson Jake Gyllenhaal Iron Man Spiderman Avengers Superpower Save the World Sci Fi Tom Holland Zendaya

Peter Parker will never have a rest with powerful supervillains appearing in different continents!

The timeline of the film follows Avengers: Endgame. As the last work in the third phase of the Marvel Universe, it shows Spider-Man's personal upbringing. With the departure of Iron Man Nini, Black Widow, Vision and the return of Captain America, the world has returned to its former state, and the little spider has also returned to the setting of "Friendly Neighbor Spider-Man". The people who were wiped out are safe and sound, and everything is gradually back on track. Iron Man left Spider-Man with glasses that integrate all the black technology and defense systems of Stark Industries. This film is almost revolved around "glasses" - it can mobilize high-tech satellites far in space, right Every place in the world is surveyed and attacked without dead ends.


superhero superpower Don Lee Angelina Jolie Richard Madden save the world sci-fi Gemma Chan

The most awaited movie is finally out, watch the heroes from outer space who have protected Earth since the dawn of human civilization!

In terms of the positioning of many Marvel movies, this movie is dedicated to the world. They don't think they should be divided into races and genders. They only have different names. The ten characters have their own personalities and fit different mythical figure. After the 10 protagonists protect human beings and spend thousands of years fighting against mutants, they have lost their goal of self-existence and longed to return to Olympia one day, the hometown of gods where I don't know where. A history teacher who retells the stories she has also experienced, her boyfriend Ikalis is floating in any corner of the world, Spet is a girl who never grows up, the rest of the Eternals, except Jin Gou, enjoy being a movie Except for the superstars, they are all recluses, they hide from the world, waiting for an order that may never come.

4.Power Rangers

sci-fi super power high school student

Watch five teenagers with super powers take down evil creatures!

The movie mainly tells the story of a duel between aliens and dark forces that happened on earth 65 million years ago. The evil queen was defeated and was thrown into the deep sea. The ship woke up again, and a fierce battle was slowly brewing. Bully is not a joke or hilarious character in this movie. The entire team members are problem teenagers. The real problems they face are problems with their friends, family, and even themselves. In the movie, we grow up with this group of kids and know how their friendships are built, how they become a team, and how they become true friends.