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The Indulgence And Restraint Of Lust Before The End! Japanese High-scoring Movie "It Feels So Good"

1.It Feels So Good

Erotica Desire Sex Games Forbidden Love Ethics

Kenji loses his job and meets his ex in his hometown to have a one night stand. But the seeds of love began to grow. 

A pair of cousins who were lovers, separated due to some misunderstandings and concerns about an ethical relationship, reunite when Mount Fuji is about to erupt. The film starts from the time when they reunited after being separated for many years. The news of the sister's marriage broke the calm state of the younger brother. In the days when the fiancé was away, the old love between the two was rekindled, and then the flame of desire pushed the two forward. five days of indulgence. After the deadline, each returned to his own life, forgetting all the joys of infidelity. At the end of the film, the two people treat each other frankly, untangle the previous knots one by one, dissolve the estrangement, let go of the established facts that they once believed in their minds, and use fine language to resolve those misunderstandings when they sleep together.


Erotica Desire Art Unconventional Ethics

The best movie showing the lives of Japanese being exploited in the porn industry, and male domination in society.

"Antiporno" is a very wonderful post-modern art work. The visual composition of MV, nude and cult interest, exaggerated costumes of actors, collage installation of rhubarb and red, erotic interests such as foot licking, SM, breast rubbing, etc. are in climax. of classical music is dissipated and consumed. Although the narrative of the film recedes behind the form, it can also find the story line with its image display. Its plot has a taste of cruel youth in Japan, and it also focuses on the background of family and girl growth. Stepmother, sister who committed suicide, Kyoko who had incest with her father...Shion Sono completed the deconstruction of the family with eroticism.

3.Gerald's Game

Erotic Desire Sex Games Marriage Gore Sexual Assault Ethics

Married couple took a getaway in an attempt to reignite their flailing relationship. Handcuffed to the bed, the wife soon becomes delirious.

The film is adapted from a novel. One day, the heroine and her husband went to a country house for vacation. The husband suddenly wanted to play a crazy sex game and died of a heart attack. The heroine was still handcuffed to the bedside and unable to move. She had to figure out how to get out of her husband's corpse being chewed up piece by piece by wild dogs. At this time, the heroine had hallucinations. She is crippled, and this crippling began that day when she was sexually assaulted by her biological father. She was then indoctrinated with false theories, viewed as a threat by her biological mother, and she didn't know how to get into other people's lives. Almost all tragedies are tragedies of the original family, and all the fears have long been buried deep in childhood.


Erotica Desire Marriage Betrayal Affair Ethics

Lena is in love with her husband, but his inattentiveness drives her to seek attention elsewhere.

The story tells that Lena, a gynecologist, and a stage actor have been married for many years. After marriage, their sexual desire gradually declined, and their former passion was no longer there. Even if Lena tried to flirt many times, she was also rejected. She saw her husband's text messages by chance and found out that he had an affair with an actress, which made Lena unwilling, and then decided to take revenge on her husband in the same way. The angered Lena has since cast aside all the shackles and retaliated by going to bed with a strange man at will to vent her sexual desires, but even the sexual love can't fill the emptiness in her heart.