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The Father Avenged His Daughter But Fell In Love With The Murderer! Thriller Movie "The Skin I live In"

1.The Skin I live In

Mystery Crime Plastic Surgery Transgender Revenge Pervert Almodovar

From hidden grudges, self-identity conflicts, and even strange feelings of love are in this film! Feel the excitement!

The male protagonist is a single well-known plastic surgeon. He once had a beautiful wife who was killed in a car accident. Her daughter was greatly stimulated and her mental state has been bad. That day, in order to relax her daughter, the doctor took her to a friend's dance, but she did not expect to be raped. Under the double blow, the daughter chose to end her own life. Furious father vows to avenge his daughter. He quickly found the person who raped his daughter that night. He imprisoned the man and tortured him in every possible way. Later, he hatched an amazing revenge plan. He abruptly turned the man into a daughter, and then reshaped the man's face into that of his wife. "She" was imprisoned in the basement of the doctor's villa, and the days passed, and the doctor unknowingly fell in love with this "wife" he made.

2.Ghostbusters: Afterlife

Fantasy Goblin Classic Feelings Sequel

When your grandfather is one of the Ghostbuster legend, will you take upon the quest of eliminating the strongest ghost?

The "Ghostbusters" franchise follows three college professors who specialize in ghostbusters and form a Ghostbusters team to protect New York City from paranormal threats. Combining elements of horror and comedy, this series of films redefines the image of ghosts in people's minds. These ghosts are terrifying and comical, making audiences laugh with laughter. As one of the most successful and iconic series of films of the 1980s one. "Ghostbusters: Afterlife" is a true sequel to the series. All the leading actors in this series are returning, and they will pass on the task of catching ghosts to the next generation. There are many episodes in this edition that tie into the original characters, none of which are really main characters, but really "meaningful" ones.


Midlife Crisis Domestic Violence Action Gore

Bob Odenrick wants be a nobody and have a normal life with family and kids. But the world is never at peace...

The male protagonist is an uncle who is experiencing a midlife crisis. He was originally an ordinary middle-aged office worker who was dutiful and honest. He had a wife, children and daughters, and lived an ordinary life. However, two thieves came to the house one day. Hatch, who didn't want to cause trouble, did not stop the other party. Instead, his son and the thief fought. As a result, the son was pointed at by the other party with a gun. Later, Hatch found the other party's gun inside. No bullets, they let go of each other. The thief beat his son and ran away, much to the dismay of his son, who thought his father was a weak coward. Later, because of a righteous act, he beat the younger brother of a gang boss. As a result, the useless dad was forced to completely turn into a tough guy and fight against the bad guys!

4.Stay Close

Suspense Crime Serial Murder Case Solving Reasoning

A stripper's past life leaves many mysteries and is revealed when his best friend comes back!

The series revolves around three main characters involved in a complex serial murder case that spans seventeen years. This is a typical set of links. Because of the suspenseful stories that eventually broke out due to multiple coincidences, the whole process of revealing the mystery is intertwined, which is quite interesting. The story mainly starts from the perspectives of the three characters, Megan, Ray and Michael, and uses flashbacks to tell the mystery of the two timelines. In the end, several clues come together to solve the mystery, although the final solution is not too much. It's hard to guess, but there are enough smoke bombs in it, and a few coincidences are reasonable, so it is considered a relatively good suspense work.