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DC's Funniest Superhero! Suicide Squad Spin-off "Peacemaker"


Sci-Fi Superhero Comedy DC

This peace-loving hero do not hesitate to use violence to create peace. Is he a hero or a foe?

It's a parody of superheroes. The drama is full of all kinds of heavy tastes, mouth-pieces, as well as unscrupulous comedy jokes and bad tastes. Peacemaker was originally an 18th-line hero in DC comics. He likes to wear a bright red tight top and white tights, a silver helmet, a muscular body and exaggerated outfits. It looks funny and absurd. His creed in life was to pursue world peace, even by killing countless women and children. He is an extreme patriot, even if the country allows him to kill innocent people, he will obediently execute it. He is physically fit and equipped with high technology. His helmet has multiple functions such as radio, surveillance equipment, laser killing and more. The series is still essentially the classic story model of superheroes saving the world, but the show's style is unique.

2.Gemini Man

Technological Innovation Ang Lee Violence Action

Imagine if the person who wants to kill you knows all your move, and even better than yourself! How will he surive?

The film tells that Henry, an agent of the US Defense Intelligence Agency, was accidentally chased by a mysterious killer when he was about to retire. The duel between me and me immediately unfolded, and more truths behind it were also involved. Although Gemini Man has the shell and frame of a traditional spy story commercial, it deserves credit for its innovations in film technology. The production team used both motion capture and model building to recreate the 23-year-old Will Smith.


sci-fi apocalyptic reality cruel classism

After rescuing Melanie Cavill, the last mankind will continue to survive the dead world. How long will they live?

This series is adapted from the movie of the same name, and also continues the doomsday sci-fi mode, but adds a lot of suspense. The background of the story is set seven years after the world became frozen due to the sudden drop in temperature. The surviving humans ride on a train driven by a perpetual motion machine and have been running on the tracks. On this train, survivors are divided into different compartments according to the gap between the rich and the poor, and the bottom survivors in the last compartment will seek social justice against people of different classes. The advantage of the drama version lies in the length, the setting and timeline are more complete and more detailed, so there can be a lot of room for adaptation, but the core is the same, the end of the disaster, the society moves to this train, A society under a mini-ecology is formed, but it is more cruel, the class distinction is more obvious, and the people's hearts are more sinister.

4.Now You See Me 2

magician high intelligence crime

Four best illusionist 'The Four Horsemen' reunited to uncover the immoral behavior of the "Harry Potter" himself, Daniel Radcliffe.

The film tells the story of a group of modern Robin Hoods with extraordinary wisdom and courage, who use their magic talents to rob the rich and help the poor on the stage. After completing a series of impossible tasks, they usher in a dangerous robbery mission. The Four Horsemen reunite for a show intended to expose the wrongdoing of a tech tycoon, only to fail. At the same time, the supporters behind them are themselves in deep crisis. The mastermind behind the scenes is a scientific wizard who coerces the Four Horsemen to complete an impossible robbery mission. There is only one last hope left for the Four Horsemen, who must stage an unprecedented magic show to justify their name and expose the mastermind behind them. The second part is a sequel, and entertainment elements such as magic, fighting, theft, car racing, funny, conspiracy and other entertainment elements have been comprehensively upgraded, all of which are displayed in front of the screen one by one with the smooth and compact narrative.