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Ten Years Of Classic IP Ended! "Hotel Transylvania 4: Transformania" Began A Journey Of Healing

1.The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild

Classic Fantasy Animation Comedy Cute Kids Adventure

Newest series of Ice Age is finally here, Buck, Crash, and Eddy try to keep the Lost World from being overtaken by dinosaurs.

The new World Cup is dubbed "The Lost World," a world in which temperatures are suitable for lush vegetation. Many animals jumped from the ice age to the rainforest. After breaking away from the "Ice Age" setting of the Ice Age, the audience's imagination has been released. Many animals will work together to save the world and fight against the powerful villain dinosaurs. In the end the villain says the truest key to the laws of nature, but in this system integrity is all.

2.Sing 2

High Score Satire Entertainment Fantasy Animation Comedy Cute Kids Adventure

The adventures of Buster Moon and his packs are back, this time they must persuade rock star Clay Calloway for the show opening!

After a successful first season, Buster and his entertainers turned to big, bustling cities, pitching their bosses a plan to bring the legendary rock star back on stage in order to secure investment from major entertainment companies. Although they succeeded in getting the chance to perform an unprecedented musical in a large theater, their challenge was just about to begin. The plot story and connotation level of this season are very close to the mood of the times in today's world. To a certain extent, this reflects the disgust and disgust of the American entertainment field for the decadent bourgeoisie and hegemonism in the United States. Therefore, the protagonist in the film leads his opera team to get rid of the capitalist interference and control of entertainment...

3.Hotel Transylvania 4: Transformania

High Score Classic Emotions Fantasy Animation Comedy Cute Kids Adventure

Van Helsing's mysterious discovery turns Drac and his friends into humans, and Johnny into monsters. What will happen?

From the first installment in the "Hotel Transylvania" series, the film has visually stunning audiences, with many pale, quirky characters. Although the film is full of gothic style, the plot content is very suitable for our daily life and makes people feel empathy. The whole series of movies is telling us one thing, what is love? It is about respecting the way of life of others, and love is not imposing my subjective will on you in the name of love. In this season, the characters have been reversed, and the elves have become humans. On the contrary, such a particularly incompetent human has become a monster. What will happen to him after he becomes a monster? After they truly understand each other's lives, what changes will they make?

4.Secret Magic Control Agency

Magic Fantasy Adventure Disney Style

Famous Hansel and Gretel, now as secret agents, must work together on a mission to find a missing king.

This is an animated film made in Russia, the painting is beautiful and the painting is very cute. The film follows Gretel being assigned to investigate the mysterious disappearance of the king. Her older brother, Hansel, is a well-known liar, clouding the Magic Ombudsman's impeccable reputation and complicating an already difficult case. The secret agency knew that only when Gretel's knowledge combined with Hansel's intellect could they find the king. Together, they will track down the dark and dark secrets of the wizarding world, fight evil forces, and challenge powerful witches.