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Insanely Brutal Bloody Party! The Classic Horror Movie "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" Returns Again


evil spirits lust horror

The romance of a new couple is interrupted by a dangerous evil demon while they are on their honeymoon.

It's an American movie with elements of Japanese horror. The heroine wants to drive away her sister's soul, but needs a strong body for it to possess. Then cut through the possessed body, and the owner of the body will die together with the spirit of the sister. Therefore, the female protagonist seduced the male protagonist, and finally the transfer succeeded and sacrificed the male protagonist. During this period, the female protagonist's body was controlled by her sister's soul many times, and the female protagonist's own soul also prompted the male protagonist to leave, but they were ignored. It is not the heroine's own will that wants to remove the soul, but the elder sister. In the end, the body of the female protagonist was seized by the sister who turned against the guest, and the male protagonist and the female protagonist's soul also died.

2.Raised by Wolves

Sci-Fi Fantasy Alternate Worlds Atheism Religion

The fear of taken by robots is back, and this time they need to get the family closer to avoid it from happening.

The background of the story is set in the mysterious tropics, and the biochemical people will usher in "changes" like human beings. The mother and father, with their six human children, joined a newly established atheist colony in the mysterious tropical region of Kepler 22b, but in this new society, the trouble has just begun, because the mother's "natural child" It is possible to bring the only remaining human beings to extinction. "Alien Cataclysm" takes the war between Mithraism and atheism as the background of the times, and various prophecies of Mithraism as clues. The "Mithraism" in the play obviously combines the elements and rituals of various real religions. The main axis of the story on the surface is Mithraism with Norse mythology, but the real main axis of the story is the fate of "interstellar migration", which makes people have to question all the subjective wills in the war between Mithraism and atheism. Right and wrong are meaningless, just a process to realize the fate of "migration".

3.The Vampire Diaries

European and American youth campus love romance love triangle CP high value

Creatures begin to appear as the teenage girl is split into two vampires. Will the world accept their existence?

The story mainly tells the love-hate relationship between the heroine Elena and the two vampire brothers. Through the promotion of the storyline, the origin is involved step by step, and the overall plot is coherent and close. The Vampire Diaries started broadcasting in 2009 and ended in 2017. After eight years, from the first season to the eighth season, a total of 171 episodes were broadcast. The beautiful heroine Elena, the handsome male No. 1 Stefan, and the male No. 2 Damen with blurred eyes, the three protagonists form this vampire love story.

4.Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Violent Bloody Cruel Horror Thriller Classic IP

Leatherface returns to terrorize people who accidentally disrupt his hiding in remote Texas town. Only for the braveheart!

This reboot is a complete tribute to all the features of the classic. The sound of the classic chainsaw running and the way of killing are unrelenting. There are a whole bus of tourists who let him slaughter as much as he wants. With a stroke of the chainsaw, corpses are flying all over the sky, blood is splattered, and screams are one after another. Falling, poignant and sharp, but although the story is quite bloody, the footage of the movie is not cruel, and most of the horror comes from the rendering and foreshadowing of various sides. At the same time, the film's description of the villain's murderer does not simply stop at madness and violence, but vaguely explain their background through the dialogue of the characters: the modern slaughtering equipment has eliminated the original slaughtering method, the old butcher has been abandoned by the times, and unemployment has become a useless people. So the town became desolate and became a hell where the living and the dead coexist.