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Pretending To Be A Celebrity And Join The Upper Class Of New York! TV Series "Inventing Anna" Based On A True Case

1.The Cleaning Lady

Gangster Romance Mother Crime Mystery

Mafia Boss Have Crush on Filipino Cleaning Lady!Struggling to pay for his son's medical bills, a Filipino cleaner is forced to work with a mob boss and love start to grow between them!

The heroine is a doctor with experience in surgical work. She took her son, who has an immune system disorder, to the United States for medical treatment. Because a cleaning heroine witnessed the murder of the son of the gang boss. Unfortunately it was found because the phone rang. The son of the gang boss wanted to kill her, but was stopped by the male protagonist, because he found that the female protagonist's cleaning work was very professional and could help them clean up the scene without leaving any traces. After that, she was specially asked to do some work of cleaning and destroying evidence. However, the boss of the gang still set up a bureau to kill the heroine. Fortunately, the hero saved his life, and the heroine was saved from danger and escaped.

2.Feel Good

Female Real Addict Les Romance

Mae and George are on the next stage, but they both keep some dark secrets away from each other. Will love wins everything? 

This drama mainly tells the story of the couple's confusion in love and how they deal with it. The daily life between talk show actor Mae and his new girlfriend George, a lesbian couple. It is worth mentioning that the new girlfriend was previously heterosexual. The screenwriter uses the stories of the two heroines to explore the problems encountered by lesbians. For example, George wasn't ready to tell his friends that he was with Mae, so when Mae wanted to play with her friends, George always changed the subject. Mae also hides some secrets, she used to be a drug addict. It was only under the influence of alcohol that the two opened their hearts. The core of the play is to tear off those deep-rooted, simple and crude gender labels through the relationship between two people and the people around them.

3.The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

CP high value inspirational positive energy talk show retro style Rachel Brosnahan

What more can Mrs. Maisel bring to the show after the worst fall she took on last season?

The story goes from an ordinary housewife to a talk show actress. Mrs. Maisel lived for her family, her family and her husband. She gave up her dream and did everything she could to live. However, her husband abandoned her and she finally started to pursue her dream of becoming a good female talk show actress. From the first season to the third season, Mrs. Maisel's talk show career gradually improved, followed by setbacks and career twists and turns. In the fourth season, Mrs. Maisel fell into a new low point in his life. As a woman, Mrs. Maisel's talk show career was destined to fail from the very beginning. After the setback, Mrs. Maisel did not recover, and she began to look for a new way out. Mrs. Maisel never gave up.

4.Inventing Anna

Socialite Crime Fraud High Society Satire True Crime

The Russian woman pretended to be a socialite to play with the New York social circle. How will she plan the money scam? 

The American drama Inventing Anna, adapted from a real fraud case, detonated a global topic after its broadcast! We saw the desire for money and power, and just how fragile human nature can be. The story about Anna is also about social media in miniature. Anna started the foundation program in the upper circle of New York, a high-end club that gathers art, culture and fashion. Everyone believes in her dream, because she is a rich heir with tens of millions of assets. At the same time, she used the family trust fund to package herself, constantly used fake checks and fake asset certificates, and applied for loans from many banks and investment groups; after many failures, Anna still got hundreds of thousands of small loans, and immediately took Go shopping for luxury goods and stay in luxury hotels. She maxed out her best friend's credit card, defrauded a private jet, and spent every night in a luxury hotel without paying a cent.