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The Movie "Hotel Mumbai" Truly Restores The Human Tragedy Under The Terrorist Attack!

1.Hotel Mumbai

terrorist attack india 9/11 bloody violence shootout tragedy thriller

The most elegant hotel in Mumbai is attacked by cold-blodded terrorist while guests are still inside! Will they be able to get out?

This is a movie based on true events. The film begins in the early morning of the day of the terrorist attack, when a rubber boat with 10 terrorists is landing. Major changes have taken place on the streets of Mumbai, with countless people flocking to the Mumbai Hotel. It turned out that half an hour ago, terrorists who were divided into five groups carried out multiple attacks at Mumbai's Central Railway Station, Leopold Cafe, Oberoi Hotel and Nariman Building. This was a well-planned terrorist attack. The terrorists were divided into two groups. One group guarded the hotel lobby and killed guests and hotel staff. Another group went upstairs, slaughtering room by room, or culling fish that slipped through the net. The film abandons the method that is more likely to stimulate the audience's emotions, but only reproduces the terrorist attack throughout the whole process, and also intersperses many video records of real events.

2.The Tinder Swindler

Documentary Real Disguise Social Software Scam

Finding a good -looking partner is everyone's dream, but how can a loved one steal everything that you have?

The film documents an absurd love hoax: On the dating app Tinder, an Israeli man builds his social network as a diamond tycoon. After meeting the girl, spending money, aggressively attacking, coupled with the endorsement of the people around you, the crisis of strong feelings and the need for borrowing money, this is a set of tricks that have been polished for a long time. Even by the standard, his love words to every girl are exactly the same. It is these similar words and routines that have deceived many women from different countries and defrauded their money, with a total amount of more than 10 million US dollars. The sincerity of the girls was not only betrayed, but also defrauded of all their savings, and even carried a huge amount of debt. In the end, they banded together and exposed the trans-international hoax to the media.

3.At The End Of The Tunnel

Mystery Programmer Thriller Crime Spanish Movies

A professional bank robber is about to lose his biggest heist plan because he fell in love with a beautiful widow. 

The film continues the usual production standards of Spanish-language crime movies, telling the arrival of a mysterious female tenant and her 6-year-old daughter, which not only caused waves in the stagnant life of paralyzed programmer Joaquin, but also made him accidentally discover the house There is actually a tunnel that leads to nowhere, and Joaquin decided to go deep into the tunnel to find out. It is very different from many commercial films that focus on the thriller and crime genre. The rhythm of the film starts like a literary film. I just watched it for half an hour, and the rhythm is unimaginably protracted. This movie is actually related to a bank robbery that should be tense and exciting. When I carefully combed through the clues and fragments of the film, I found that the director spent about an hour and a half to pave the way for the reversal of the last 20 minutes at the end.


Spider-Man PT Family War Jake Gyllenhaal Tobey Maguire Natalie Portman

After his brother returned from the battlefield, he found that his brother and his wife had an ambiguous relationship. How should the two brothers end?

The film uses the perspective of the United States to watch the cruelty of the war. There is no great American heroism, and there is not much criticism. Instead, there are some compassionate feelings, which are sentimental and moving. The story revolves around a pair of brothers. Tobey Maguire unloaded the heroic light of Spider-Man and starred in the role of his brother. He was a professional soldier. He was valued by his father since he was a child, until he was unfortunately captured by the enemy during a mission. To survive, I had to kill my comrade under the coercion of the enemy army. Although I was lucky enough to escape and return to my hometown, my temperament changed greatly because of the deep trauma! In addition, the younger brother played by Jake Gyllenhaal is a rehabilitated man who has just been released from prison. He has a rebellious and unruly personality. He opposes his brother's participation in the war, but is not recognized by his father, which leads to constant conflicts in the whole family! And Natalie Portman plays his brother's wife, who always hopes to have a stable life, but must face the test of the environment. Sandwiched between these two brothers, she was overwhelmed by the pressure of the family!