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The Girl Wants To Be A Superstar But Turns Out To Be A Surrogate Mother! Indian Movie "Mimi"


Krystal Jung horror suspense thriller action

The struggle for survival from monster and the prevention of political conflict between North Korea and South korea in one drama!

The theme of this play is touching. Viruses and infections are all issues that are closely related to everyone in the world today. The story takes place on the border between North and South Korea in 2020. Two soldiers at the sentry in the C21 area are mysteriously missing. Only one blood-stained rifle was found at the scene, and the magazines were so full that not even a single bullet was fired. This shows that they lost the ability to resist immediately after being attacked. The C21 area is located in the mountains and forests. The two soldiers were most likely attacked by wild animals, and there was a risk of rabies infection. However, shoe prints of the North Korean civilian police team were found at the crime scene. There are various signs that the attack on the two South Korean soldiers is likely to be the North Korean garrison who crossed the border. What is even more frightening is that some unknown virus was detected in the blood sample of the third person.

2.Godzilla: King of the Monsters

Monster Sci-Fi Violent Action Thrilling

Godzilla faces his strongest enemy King Ghodirah, the titan monster with three heads. Who will win?

After more than half a century, Dongbao's three monsters and the king Ghidorah appeared on the screen again at the same time, not only continuing the strong religious color and oil painting-like doomsday scene in the previous work, but also further established Godzilla. Identity and Humanity as "Guardian of the Earth". On this basis, the director returns all the important stages to the real protagonist: Godzilla in the film is no longer hidden in the fog and night, no longer pretending to be mysteriously leaking scales and half claws, but as a "God" standing beside humans. If Godzilla in the previous work represented the punishment from the unknown, then in this film, it has become the real ancient human gods carved on ancient stone walls and written in legends.


comedy surrogacy indian brutality

Bollywood wannabe have to bear a surrogate kid and things start to take another turn.

This film involves controversial issues such as surrogacy chaos in India, religious confrontation, black clinics, morality and ethics. Mimi is an Indian girl who dreams of becoming a Bollywood star and has been fighting for it. Banu is a taxi driver who drives diligently every day until he meets an American couple. If you can help the couple find a surrogate, you can give him a handsome commission. By chance, an American couple became interested in Mimi, the lead dancer, while watching a cabaret show in a hotel, so Banu acted as an intermediary to persuade Mimi. They had a surrogacy operation in a small black clinic in India, and they could get two million as long as they gave birth to a child after nine months. Of course things won't go so smoothly, and more and more problems start to surface...

4.Y tu mamá también

art film oscar mexico large scale

Two teenagers who decided to travel together suddenly develop a secret affair with the same older woman!

The film Y tu mamá también is about the emotional entanglement of two men and one woman on the surface, but at a deeper level of text, the director buried a layer of metaphor for the stratification of Mexico after independence. Corresponding to the film, the girl is from Spain and is a symbol of the Spanish colonists. The two boys, one descended from European immigrants and the other descended from Mexican natives, happened to be symbols of the two classes. It was a dreamlike journey, like Mexico during the Spanish colonial period, and the two classes were mediated by the Spanish drama and spent a short honeymoon period. The climax of this honeymoon period is the 3P sex scene near the end of the film. In the end, the journey ended like a dream. A few years later, the two boys meet again, when the girl is dead, symbolizing the departure of Spain and the independence of Mexico. But after independence, Mexico quickly ushered in a complete break between the two classes. As the narration of the film said: "This parting, they have never seen each other again."