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Best Healing Drama of the Year "This Is Us"

1.This Is Us

romance family love healing touching

Prepare your tissue cause this will be the most emotional ending of This Is Us!

This TV series tells the story of the life of a family of five. In the process of growing up, they had quarrels, grievances, confusion and disappointment with each other. Just as life is not always sunny, it also has a dark and humid side. Jack and Rebecca are always full of patience and wisdom, turning trivial skins into candy, this show makes the flowers of energy bloom in a barren life, giving everyone a powerful ability to love and be loved. When her daughter Kate was having appendix surgery in season 1, mom Rebecca held her hand and told her that it had Christmas magic with the Christmas tree, and that nothing bad could happen on Christmas Eve. There is no exaggerated plot, no bloody violence, no big production and big cost... Only real life and daily life, revealing the tenderness of long-running water and full of warm laughter and tears everywhere.

2.Jane the Virgin

Virgin Romance Love Triangle College Student Family

Super religious virgin Jane is pregnant out of wedlock, and the child's father was a famous playboy! What will Jane do?

The story begins with the absurd incident of the female protagonist Jane being mistakenly implanted with the sperm of the male protagonist Rafael. Jane is torn between Rafael and Michael. At the same time, she is also facing future problems such as graduation from college, plans for graduate school, childbirth and parenting. As well as family relations, family centered on her, her boyfriends, her friends and her boyfriend's ex-wife and other emotional, work and life issues. Among them, the drama is also interspersed with the love-hate relationship between the underworld boss Sin Rosco and her boyfriend's sister, her boyfriend's ex-wife and her ex-boyfriend. And the resulting money deals, murders, kidnappings, face-changing disappearances. The development of the plot is often unexpected, but after watching it, I found that the plot can be explained very reasonably. The drama describes the difficulties that many ordinary people will encounter in life and work, such as the panic of new mothers, such as the choice of graduate tutors and so on. The emotions between Jane's family of three are also described very delicately, the old-fashioned grandmother, the irresponsible but loving mother, and the sensible daughter.

3.Pretty Little Liars

Suspense crime reasoning solve case

The end of five bestfriends who are trying to save Hanna from "Uber A" who has been threatening to reveal their secret.

Secrets and lies are like twins, they always go hand in hand. Secrets breed lies, and lies breed secrets. As a result, more and more secrets, more lies are told. Behind the seemingly calm Rosewood hides countless secrets. Hers, his, theirs... Focus girl and social queen Alison has been found hiding in her backyard a year after her mysterious disappearance. She used to be the leader and coordinator of the beautiful girl quintet. They were fascinated by her, but they were also afraid of her, because she was sharp-edged and sharp, and she would always be the first and dominate everything for them. They were covered and sheltered by her light, and they told the same lie to bury the same secret. Is that a white lie or a cover for sin? Now that the social queen is gone, she should have disappeared from their lives, but she still seems to be everywhere and omniscient.


horror family thriller suspense supernatural

The situation goes out of hand when Leanne learns what happened to Jericho in Dorothy’s care. Starring Rupert Grint from 'Harry Potter'!

Servant is based on the 10-minute horror short The Dollmaker. The plot of the short film is about a couple who lost their youngest son. In infinite grief, did they find a doll craftsman and recreate a "child". After being expanded to a 10-episode drama in 1 season, the main storyline remains the same. It is still a couple who lost their young child. In order to maintain their spiritual sustenance, they placed a simulated doll to pretend to be a child, and even hired a nanny to take care of them every day. doll doll. After the babysitter came to the door, a series of strange things followed. The setting of this drama can be said to be extremely simple. The whole story only takes place in one house, and all the actors are just a couple, a babysitter, the wife's brother, and at most a few irregular cameos. The whole play is completely supported by a mysterious script, coupled with the superb performances of the actors and a lot of moving scenes, creating a feeling of trepidation.