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The Most Successful Animation Adapted From The Game! The Epic Masterpiece "DOTA: Dragon's Blood"

1.Dragons: The Nine Realms

Sci Fi Fantasy Race Dragon How to Train Your Dragon

Inspired by How You Train Your Dragon, modern city will be shocked by the arrival of dragons! This will be your new favorite!

The film is set 1,300 years after How to Train Your Dragon, and dragons are now just a legend in the modern world. When a geological anomaly opened a huge, miles-deep fissure in the Earth's surface, scientists from around the world gathered in a new research facility to study the mysterious phenomenon. Soon, a group of misfit children, brought to the scene by their parents, uncover the truth about the dragon and where they've been hiding - they must keep their secrets to protect what they find.

2.Megalo Box

Boxing Blood Inspirational Violent Fight

An underground boxing fighter who constantly strives to be the strongest to reach a goal. Want to know what's his goal?

MEGALO BOX, in the animation, is a future high-tech boxing form - the flesh of a boxer, wearing a steel mecha using gear technology and wearable machinery, it is called Megalo boxing. This is a kind of competitive competition between shirtless fights and robot fighting. It naturally has two aesthetics at the same time in the form of expression: the thrill of fighting to the flesh and the future sci-fi aesthetics of gear machinery. This anime is adapted from the original Japanese manga. Although it is an adaptation, the entire era and elements have been replaced by an overhead future city. The style and pace of the story have also changed a lot. The title of each episode is related to death, but in the end, it is all about a man who burns everything he has, burns to brilliance, and lives with more dignity.

3.Dota: Dragon's Blood

game high score knight princess adventure

Adapted from DOTA, Davion (Yuri Lowenthal), a famous dragon knight who is possessed by a demon dragon begins to thirst for human blood.

This is an animation based on the famous MOBA game "DOTA". The characters in the play basically follow the original game settings, only some details have been adapted. The story of this play starts with two characters familiar to players, one is the dragon knight Davion and the other is the white tiger Princess Mirana. Davion is responsible for hunting dragons, and his relatives were killed by dragon slaughter, so he wanted to kill dragons all over the world to avenge his relatives. Mirana was originally the Princess of the Moon in the clan, but she was exiled because of her beliefs and became Princess of nothing. Mirana wants to find a way for the sages to find their way back to glory. The two meet in an adventure and become friends. As they venture deeper, the larger world behind them emerges before the audience, a conspiracy, a revenge......

4.The House

dark series social fable realistic portrayal

This trending animated series is voiced by Helena Bonham Carter, Matthew Goode, and Claudie Blakley.

A 90-minute felt stop motion animation, three adult-oriented dark stories, directed by different directors.The first story is set in the English countryside of the 19th century, where a family of four moves into an empty mansion where greedy people are captured. The second is that in today's society, the house flipper met Lao Lai and his wife and watched a reptile dance when they were desperate, and finally abandoned civilization and returned to primitive animal nature. The last one is in the near future, and the characters are set by humans and mice from the first two stories to become cats here. The location ranges from suburbs and downtown to water cities. The house is the only place nearby, but water is also invading a little bit. The landlady has two unreliable tenants. When the tenants all leave one by one, the water floods everything around the house, and eventually it becomes a huge ship and sails into the distance. Time and space are changing, but what remains the same is the hardships of the house slaves. The ending may be saying that only by letting go of desires and obsessions can you be freed from bondage.